Please note that ioFABRIC Vicinity is a legacy product and is no longer available for purchase.

Multi-Site, Multi-Cloud Data Fabric

Solve Data Management and Data Protection, 
Reduce Complexity and Cost
ioFABRIC is a data management solution that creates a
cost-optimized Data Fabric across servers, VMs, containers, and clouds.

Always available.  Always evergreen.  Always protected.

Add performance or capacity media when needed, and retire storage resources when it’s time. No more manual data migration. No downtime. No risk of data loss.

With immutable snapshots, you can recover from ransomware with no data loss, restoring data to any point-in-time, on-premise or in the cloud.

Data is replicated across sites and clouds for always available data that solves the challenges of backups and disaster recovery, for business continuity.

Industry-unique cost-optimization: performance, capacity, and data protection objectives met using the least cost storage resources available.

ioFABRIC Hybrid Cloud Storage was the solution for us. The first customer we installed wanted a quick cloud solution that would ultimately decrease their admin time and keep their CAPEX low. We installed hardware that was preloaded with ioFABRIC and within 1 hour our customer had SLA storage that was managed from our datacenter. The customer can’t be happier!

-MSP Storage and Virtualization Specialist

Evergreen Storage

Eliminate the Fear of Hardware Refresh

You’ve faced the dreaded forklift storage upgrade that means manual data migration, downtime, and even data loss. It used to be an inevitable part of upgrading your storage environments, but it no longer has to be. ioFABRIC is evergreen storage, eliminating the entire storage refresh cycle. Upgrade headaches like manual data migration are a thing of the past.

  • Add new performance or capacity storage media when needed
  • Older storage resources are automatically used in less demanding roles
  • Keep your environment current by leveraging software and adding media when necessary, rather than a costly and time-consuming storage upgrade every few years

Immutable Snapshots

Eliminate the Fear of Ransomware

ioFABRIC provides a guaranteed level of data durability and availability with unlimited, efficient, and incremental snapshots. Backed by immutable snapshots, you can recover from ransomware with no data loss, restoring data to any point-in-time, on-premises or in the cloud – resume operations in minutes, no ransom paid.

  • Snapshots are created in an immutable format; they cannot be accessed or encrypted by ransomware
  • Additional cloud replicas can mean that offsite or cloud copy may be unaffected
  • Always-on access means business continues as usual

Always-On Business Continuity

Eliminate the Fear of Downtime

Traditional concepts like backups, RPOs and RTOs, and nines of availability are simply not enough for today’s dynamic business environment. With ioFABRIC it’s about never being down: always-on data availability. Downtime and recovery due to failures are a thing of the past. Your data will be available through device hardware failures, a storage system (SAN, NAS) failure, or even an entire Data Center going offline.

  • The data fabric heals around failures by using additional storage resources to re-replicate the data, protecting the entire system from being affected by any outage
  • ioFABRIC replicates data locally, and across sites and clouds, providing business continuity in the face of any disaster
  • No interruptions, no losses, no downtime

Cost-Optimized Storage

Eliminate Surprise Storage Spends

ioFABRIC delivers industry-unique cost-optimization across all your storage, automatically using the least cost media while maintaining all the requested storage SLAs.

  • ioFABRIC classifies data, ensuring that high-cost flash media are used for performance workloads only, while everything else is tiered down.
  • Performance, capacity, and data protection objectives are all met using the least cost storage resources possible.
  • Utilizing a branch of A.I. called Swarm Intelligence, the Data Fabric automatically optimizes for all application workloads concurrently while at the same time optimizing each workload for cost reduction.

ioFABRIC Solutions

Server SAN

Transforms commodity hardware into a distributed, enterprise-class storage platform with elastic and scalable performance, capacity, and data protection.

Supports multiple workloads concurrently, using flash for performance while tiering down to hard drives and cloud. Deploy across all-flash nodes creating a distributed all-flash array.

Hybrid Cloud Storage

Connects local storage together in a storage-as-a-service model to create an on-premises private cloud that delivers the economics and ease-of-use cloud benefits from local storage.

Seamlessly connect to one or more public clouds, for a true hybrid cloud solution with local control and reduced risk with elastic cloud growth.


Container Microconverged

Automate the deployment, scaling, management, and migration of containerized applications with their data. Allows DevOps to customize persistent data across direct attached, network, and cloud storage.

Microconverged Infrastructure where data is always available, consistently performant, and easily configurable.