There Is Nothing Like Someone Agreeing with You

As an entrepreneur, I am usually in the position of educating on the latest trends in the industry and explaining why our new tech makes sense. With new groundbreaking ideas, it sometimes takes effort to bring others around to the vision.

And then there are experts who understand the value and the vision at first glance. I’m proud to say we recently got an expert review of ioFABRIC Vicinity that confirmed our product is exactly what the industry has been looking for!

Trevor Pott put Vicinity through two months of rigorous tests and gave Vicinity a full two thumbs up. Trevor fully embraced the vision and architecture of Vicinity.

When he said, “What ioFABRIC has built in Vicinity is nothing short of astonishing,” I knew we built the right product at the right time. It’s great to get a pat on the back!

We started designing Vicinity years ago when we saw the storage industry needed to change. Our channels and partners are telling us they need a product that solves the big storage issues—how to make it make it elastic, intelligent and objective-driven with an easy to use centralized dashboard.

Trevor has confirmed what we all know at ioFABRIC: we’ve built the right product at the right time! It’s gratifying and encouraging knowing that what we put our heart and soul into is wanted and, most importantly, needed in the industry today.

I know Vicinity will make you think differently about storage.  If you want to see what I mean, or if you want to read what Trevor found during his testing, click here.



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