The Full Story on Ransomware

With the threat of ransomware always looming, you need to have a plan. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered.

This toolkit of articles will help you get informed and get ready to deal with ransomware.

The problem with being down

Application downtime – from ransomware or not – affects many parts of the business – this article gives a good rundown on the three critical business risks facing your organization during application downtime.

The challenge for law enforcement

Ransomware is a nightmare not just because it threatens your business’s livelihood, but also because you have little to no legal recourse. Find out what law enforcement can (not) do for you.

How different industries are affected by ransomware

Each industry is affected differently by ransomware – some are more likely to be hit, others have to pay higher ransoms. Find out what industries are at most risk, and what you can do about it.

Practical tips

IT can do everything to prepare for ransomware, but if your users aren’t aware or willing to help, you still have a gaping hole in your security. Check out this article for a checklist of suggestions for your users, and for yourself.

Ransomware + GDPR

GDPR is not just the most buzzworthy term– it also means changes in your responsibilities if you experience a data breach. Find out what you need to do if the worst happens.

The Definitive IT Guide to Ransomware

And last but not least, download our Definitive IT Guide to Ransomware to find out how to stay ahead of the next threats.