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Trick or Treat! It’s a Treat from Network World

Thank you Network World for naming ioFABRIC on its list of 10 hot business continuity startups to watch! “Business continuity is about a lot more than natural disasters,” said editor Jeff Vance Denial of service attacks, ransomware and even network outages can undermine business continuity.” “The startups listed offer everything from blockchain-based distributed storage to…

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ioFABRIC 3.0 Is Here! Storage Virtualization Has Come of Age

After talking to industry analysts, and hearing the general buzz at FMS, it’s obvious ioFABRIC has the right approach to storage. We virtualize storage, similar to how VMware virtualizes servers, so you don’t have to worry about your storage infrastructure. Virtualizing storage lets you focus on your true concerns: the data. It’s about data—securing it,…Read More

ioFABRIC Named One of the Fastest Growing Storage Companies

There has been a lot of news about consolidation in the storage industry as of late. In August, Seagate announced it would acquire array vendor Dot Hill, and later in October EMC and Dell announced their deal. Shortly after, Western Digital announced its acquisition of SanDisk that had taken over Fusion-io in 2014. Most recently,…

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Location, Location, Location

What is the key ingredient to having a happy workplace? It’s all about location. Yes, of course ioFABRIC has other perks like flexible work hours, comfortable chairs, great team building, beer Tuesdays (!), challenging and rewarding work, and great staff to spend your time with. But the one ingredient that is hard to put a…Read More

InfoStor’s 15 Leading Storage Startups

We interrupt this program to call your attention to an excellent list by Paul Rubens for InfoStor of the “15 Leading Data Storage Startups.” “The data storage market has become a hotbed of innovation and entrepreneurship. Here are 15 data storage startups that are generating excitement…that may provide a better way to meet your storage…

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Which Social Media Channels Are Right for Me? Part 2

Do you know where you should be spending your time online? Social media marketing is just one of the many tools a marketer should have in their kit, but which channels are right for you and your business? In part 1 of this series, I gave tips on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+. For part…

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Which Social Media Channels Are Right for Me? Part 1

Social can be – socially – exhausting, so with so many channels to choose from, how do you know where to put your time and energy? As a startup, we are always trying to do more with less, so to save you some time, I’ve taken our hard-won insights on social media and broken them…

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Always Win with Win/Loss Analysis! Part 2

This week, we’re looking at part 2 of win/loss analysis. Check out part 1 here to see what you missed! Loss Analysis The biggest challenge with loss analysis is getting them to have the conversation with you and/or call you back. Many view the decision not to buy from you the end of the process…

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