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Evergreen Storage – Eliminate Data Migration. Forever.

You know the fear… Your SAN is coming up on year four. Your enterprise storage vendor is knocking at the door. The dreaded forklift upgrade is on the horizon. And along with it comes manual data migration, downtime, and even data loss. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You’ve faced the storage hardware…

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Is Your Zombie SAN Killing Productivity?

Running out of storage capacity? Users are complaining about performance? Storage vendors telling you it’s time to replace it all? But you don’t have the time or the money? Are you living a storage horror story? Stop! ioFABRIC is the antidote for your Zombie SAN. Add performance, capacity, features to dying storage hardware. Inexpensive. Easy. Risk-free. Our SAN Extender automatically…

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4 Tips on Extending Your SAN’s “Expiry” Date

You’ve probably heard that traditional SAN and NAS systems are getting close to their expiry date, and I’d have to agree. Storage experts agree that their effective data center value (and their market share) is being eroded on multiple fronts: hyperconverged, cloud storage, distributed systems like Hadoop and Ceph, agile software-defined storage solutions, and more.…

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Fight Back Against the Civil War in Your Data Center!

A couple weeks ago we ran a Civil War contest – no, not to start one! Rather, themed around the Captain America: Civil War movie release and comic books. We ran it through the IT Pro community Spiceworks and gave away a full, mint-condition set of the comic books to one lucky winner – and…

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The SAN is Dead…Long Live the SAN

For years, IT industry gurus have predicted the end of the SAN, the end of Fibre Channel, or the end of on-premise storage. This is not one of those predictions. We are not here to eulogize your SAN. (The SAN is survived by about a dozen virtualized servers, a reasonably priced flash array, and a…

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A Better SAN is In Reach

Recently we told you about how our customers are using Vicinity software as a “SAN Extender” to get more performance, more capacity, and more advanced features out of their existing storage. InReach Continuing Education Solutions in Austin, Texas is doing exactly that. InReach helps its clients develop online continuing education and training programs that work…

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