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ioFABRIC Vicinity: The Only Cost Optimization for Storage

We’ve architected our ioFABRIC Vicinity system to deliver data SLAs to applications across all of the most important elements of your data storage: performance, capacity and protection. These are the areas where automation, artificial intelligence, and our data fabric can help businesses most. But we’ve gone a step further and built cost optimization into the…Read More

How Much Time Could You Save by Automating Your Storage Management?

Is your data storage a time-suck? Are your IT staff over-burdened, performing mundane and repetitive tasks instead of focusing on big-picture thinking? Too many IT departments spend valuable time – multiple hours each day – performing storage tasks that could be automated. These tasks not only stop staff from engaging in more important activities, but…

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Storage Designed with Docker in Mind

Docker is a is lightweight, agile platform allowing you to quickly and easily build, ship, and run distributed apps anywhere. Docker is used by some of the coolest companies around – Spotify, GILT, shopify, and Uber – to test and deploy new, bleeding-edge apps and features, at a lower cost, with less time and effort,…

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ioFABRIC Survey Finds Canada’s Medium-size IT Departments Overstretched, Underfunded

Originally published on Cantech Letter Consistent with other studies of the state of IT spending in Canada, Toronto’s ioFABRIC has released its own survey, providing something of a wake-up call for small-to-medium businesses and the state of their IT departments, typified by shrinking budgets, stagnant salaries and a lack of commitment for anything other than urgent…

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Survey Results Reveal Dark Times for Managing Your Growing IT Infrastructure with Shrinking Budget Availability

Has your IT budget flat-lined? Finding it hard to pull together the needed funding to perform upgrades to an aging infrastructure? Discovered that there’s less in the till to spend on hardware, software, services, and salaries to keep growing storage workloads manageable? Well, you’re not alone. In fact, according to results of a recent survey…

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2016 Predictions: OpEx Will Be at the Top of Every IT’s List for 2016

Originally published on Despite our best efforts in predicting the direction of the storage industry each year there are always unforeseen events that catch us off guard. Long-gestating acquisitions are suddenly completed revealing bigger bricks still can’t float; companies come out of stealth mode; someone exits their funding rounds with an jaw dropping IPO…

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