SYNNEX + ioFABRIC Taking Software-Defined Storage to the Channel

On the heels of our GA release and customer case study, we’ve got more exciting news! We’ve signed an agreement with SYNNEX Corporation to distribute ioFABRIC Vicinity to even more VARs, systems integrators, and xSPs – who in turn will now be able to offer our software products to even more end users.

SYNNEX is absolutely positioned where we want to be in the market, delivering business to business storage solutions through their network of more than 20,000 resellers and retailers in the U.S. and Canada.

These solution providers rely on SYNNEX to continually update their product portfolios and supply the best IT products to meet end customer demands. ioFABRIC’s products solve the key storage issues faced by their end-customers.

Looking for a new way of managing a multivendor data center environment? Intelligently automating data performance, protection, and capacity? How about efficiently onboarding newer technology resources like flash or cloud storage? Or even managing disparate systems and platforms? Well, SYNNEX partners now have a solution. (Because Vicinity does all that – and more.)

SYNNEX’s channel partners can sell Vicinity either on subscription or as a perpetual licensed software with support. Resellers can also bundle ioFABRIC with hardware and services and sell that as a branded solution.

A bundled offering is popular with partners who serve mid-size organizations with mid-size budgets, where there is little tolerance for complex or costly solutions. Building simple, turnkey hyperconverged appliances with Vicinity allows solution providers to choose the appropriate hardware to match key business requirements, such as high performance or cost sensitivity.

We are now, as ever, 100% dedicated to delivering ioFABRIC’s products through the channel. We developed our reseller program, including training, technical, sales, marketing, and finance services, to meet the diverse needs of the partner community. If you are looking to transform the storage refresh cycle, think about joining the ioFABRIC family. You can learn more here.

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