Sykes Was Looking for Robust Data Storage: ioFABRIC’s Hybrid Cloud Storage Was the Answer

Sykes Enterprises provides comprehensive inbound customer engagement services to Global 2000 companies. Managing thousands of sales and marketing campaigns creates a lot of data—and Sykes had been doing this for over 40 years! Sykes needed a reliable and robust network for its customers and employees that included data protection and disaster recovery all while keeping OPEX and CAPEX low. Sound impossible?

ioFABRIC Took the Challenge and Delivered

Sykes uses VMware for their virtualized environment with storage hardware including HP MSA’s and multiple SANs. ioFABRIC was installed in the environment and its AI analyzed Sykes data use. Cold data was migrated to older slower machines, and hot data was moved to faster storage. “I liked that the archived data is stored on older more obsolete storage and frequently accessed data is stored on faster flash drives,” said Joseph Lawson, Systems Administrator of Sykes Enterprises. The data migrations were seamless with no downtime or manual intervention.

Sykes saw increased data protection, improved hardware usage, and removal of storage silos—all while lowering OPEX and CAPEX. “My expectations were surpassed with ioFABRIC. Performance improvements were noticeable, and l really liked the solution. ioFABRIC is a real asset to any business for lowering hardware and maintenance costs,” said Lawson.

Hybrid Cloud Storage

ioFABRIC transformed Sykes local storage into a hybrid cloud environment with on-premises and cloud storage for business continuity and added security. Now Sykes has 100% data availability with the removal of all storage silos. ioFABRIC presents on-premises storage in a unified as-a-service model, combined with public clouds creating true Hybrid Cloud Storage. It’s a highly adaptive on-premises and cloud storage solution that scales and adjusts on a workload-by-workload basis. Availability and performance are increased while storage management costs and complexity are decreased.

Still sounds too good to be true? Learn more and read the full case study here.

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