Don’t Make Headlines for the Wrong Reasons – Stop Ransomware Before It Stops Your Business

Did you hear the story about the email provider that had its 3 million accounts hacked?  Or the credit reporting company that suffered a massive data breech? Or even the major election that may or may not have been influenced by foreign governments through bots, advertising platform exploits, and fake social media accounts? Probably so.

Cybercrime is a growing concern around the world and the media have increasingly reported on a multitude of cases such as the ones above. One form of cyberattack that has not received as much attention as perhaps it should, despite it now being the most common of them all, is ransomware.

All about ransomware

There have been some high-profile reports of ransomware, such as one recently in which someone threatened to release a major Hollywood blockbuster onto the Internet before its release date if the studio didn’t meet its financial demands.

But this type of cybercrime isn’t an isolated event and doesn’t just affect major media corporations but rather threatens a growing number of companies – large and small – with business damages exceeding $5 billion in 2017 alone. Additionally, Juniper Research states the cost of cyber crimes will reach $2.1 trillion by 2019.

Who’s at risk?

Seventy-five percent of companies that are targeted by ransomware attacks are successfully infected, with as many as 20 percent of those companies paying the ransom still not getting their data back.

The greatest fear in the datacenter is losing data, which can lead to downtime, lost revenue, legal and regulatory damages, or even loss of business viability itself. Would your company be able to survive a ransomware attack if your data is not safely returned and you found that years of backups are unrecoverable?

How can you protect against ransomware?

Protecting against ransomware attacks is why Xenium, a premium IT  provider, recently announced Xenium X Protect, which is a combination of a hardware appliance onsite and managed services to ensure offsite data protection and availability, all driven by ioFABRIC software.

X Protect eliminates the risk of ransomware, data loss, and downtime. It’s a simple and cost-effective managed solution that guarantees data protection and data availability. It’s targeted for organizations with limited IT experience, dedicated staff, or time.

X Protect automatically manages a copy of data on-premises and a copy in the cloud. If access to data is unavailable for any reason, it automatically serves data from its data center to eliminate disruptions to the business. And it ensures data is backed-up and recoverable, secure from malicious attacks, and encrypted to meet security and compliance requirements. With X Protect, data is always safe, always available, and ransoms don’t need to be paid.

Don’t get caught out

Protection from disasters has expanded to include the very real risk of ransomware-based extortion. Data loss for any reason is easily avoided if the right data protection solution is deployed proactively before cybercriminals find footing to hold your business hostage.

Billions of dollars in business damages is far too great a sum when there are solutions like Xenium X Protect available to thwart such opportunistic endeavours.

Download the info sheet to learn more about Xenium X Protect.