ioFABRIC Vicinity Solutions

Transform Your Storage

ioFABRIC Vicinity features advanced storage automation that unifies existing storage resources, centralizes management, simplifies the deployment of flash, and improves storage utilization.

Vicinity will solve your data storage challenges, allowing you to deliver storage more effectively and accelerate deployment of new applications in your growing data center.

Intelligent software that transforms commodity hardware into a distributed, enterprise-class storage platform.

ioFABRIC Vicinity reduces time, cost, and risk through advanced automation and data protection, with performance and capacity scaling without limit.

Vicinity delivers cloud-like economics across all your storage, seamlessly. Your data is always where it needs to be: active data on-premise and accessible, stale data seamlessly auto-aged to the cloud.

You don’t need a dedicated cloud architect, you just need ioFABRIC.


ioFABRIC Vicinity’s solutions each have their own strengths, but they all transform storage to give you these benefits


Immediate ROI

Drastically reduces your OPEX and CAPEX with intelligent automation, adding life to existing storage systems, and growing with commodity hardware and cloud.


Time for Business Innovation

ioFABRIC makes storage something you can simply depend on, eliminating admin demands, and freeing IT’s time to focus on true business innovation.


Simplify Storage

Forget about storage silos. ioFABRIC orchestrates data across your entire system – so you don’t have to. And manage it all through one easy interface.


Eliminate Risk

Achieve zero storage downtime with the highest levels of data protection and availability. Ensure business continuity with instant recovery objectives.


Trusted Partner

We measure ourselves based on your success. We’re an industry leader in customer service and product development: agile and responsive. Your input is our direction.

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