Smart Questions About Cloud Storage

As my colleague Andrew noted, the buzz at Dell EMC World was all about cloud and hybrid cloud solutions, which of course it was last year too, and may likely be next year. IDC recently reported that spending on cloud infrastructure, including public and private cloud, was $29 billion-with-a-B last year and will be more than 38 billion this year.

That’s a lot of businesses spending a lot of coins on cloud, and a lot of cloud vendors getting rich. Don’t get me wrong—it makes good financial sense to move to the cloud. At Dell EMC World we heard that on average 30% of your data is fresh, 40% is stale and the other 30% is so old it should be deleted. With stats like this, it makes sense to use intelligent data management software to identify which data should be moved to the cloud.

In this cloud-dominated age, we urge users to be smart about what data they put on the cloud, how they access and manage it, and how to derive the most value and utility from cloud storage.

This is not to frighten anyone off. The concerns haven’t changed since the old days of cloud, primarily security and protection, including encryption, access control, reliability, availability, redundancy, recovery times. Then there are the concerns about costs, and how to keep them from spiralling as your capacity usage increases (40 to 60 percent per year, depending on whose numbers you prefer).

What often isn’t a concern as people implement cloud storage is management. Well, it should be. It’s smart to ask that question. Ultimately it’s up to your software to manage your storage resources, whether on-premise, private cloud, public cloud, or hybrid cloud. It’s up to the software to execute migration and protection strategies, whether autonomously or according to policies set by an administrator. And it’s up to the software to ensure appropriate latency, bandwidth, and performance for various application workload, regardless of where that data resides. All those management chores – that’s where ioFABRIC comes in.

Watch our 30 minute webinar that addresses your cloud questions, from data protection and cost optimization to the questions that aren’t being asked, such as how to ensure cloud storage is managed correctly.

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