Server SAN

Drive Business Innovation with Intelligent Storage

Intelligent software that transforms commodity hardware into a distributed, enterprise-class storage platform

ioFABRIC Vicinity Server SAN

ioFABRIC Vicinity reduces time, cost, and risk through advanced automation and data protection, with performance and capacity scaling without limit. Based on unique application service objectives, Vicinity’s data orchestration adapts in real-time as demands and workloads change.


Realize an Immediate ROI

Experience immediate time-to-value with ioFABRIC Vicinity. Reduce CAPEX by breaking from vendor-locked expensive traditional SAN systems, increasing storage efficiency, and growing with commodity hardware and cloud. Drastically cut OPEX with intelligent automation and orchestration. Reduce overall TCO through improved efficiency and agility. Vicinity provides enterprise-class storage at a fraction of the costs of traditional solutions.


Drive Business Innovation with Intelligent Storage

Intelligent software that transforms commodity hardware into a distributed, enterprise-class storage platform. ioFABRIC Vicinity’s simple dashboard control, automation, and orchestration abilities reduce the complexity of storage and allow you to simply deliver. Vicinity reduces admin demands and frees IT’s time to focus on true business innovation.


Eliminate Downtime and Risk

Keep your mission-critical applications running with ioFABRIC Vicinity’s built-in high availability, snapshot, recovery, and automatic healing features. Dynamic replicas ensure data integrity and maintain application uptime. With Vicinity Server SAN you can ensure business continuity, backed with the highest levels of data protection and availability.


Embrace and Extend Existing Storage

Unlike other solutions, ioFABRIC Vicinity does not create another storage silo in the organization, it integrates with existing storage systems. Migrate data to Vicinity Server SAN simply, and cooperate seamlessly with traditional SAN, NAS, flash appliances, and cloud. Scale performance and capacity independently and without limit. Vicinity creates a unified storage environment that enables cross-vendor data mobility both on-premise and cloud.


Achieve Application-Level QoS

Industry unique service-based intelligence maintains QoS levels across performance, capacity, and data protection. ioFABRIC Vicinity monitors and moves performance-starved data to the fastest storage and leverages slower storage resources in less demanding roles. Dynamic data mobility provides efficiency and scalability, monitoring and adapting in real-time as demands and workloads change.

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Find out how ioFABRIC Vicinity helps you transform your storage.

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