How Much Time Could You Save by Automating Your Storage Management?

Is your data storage a time-suck? Are your IT staff over-burdened, performing mundane and repetitive tasks instead of focusing on big-picture thinking?

Too many IT departments spend valuable time – multiple hours each day – performing storage tasks that could be automated. These tasks not only stop staff from engaging in more important activities, but they can also deflate morale and prevent your business from moving forward with storage efficiencies and innovations.

And this time waste is probably more serious than you think.

Did you know that IT staff typically spend nearly a quarter of the day (22 percent) on storage provisioning? Or that 11 percent of the day is spent on backup administration alone? Together, that adds up to 2 hours and 38 minutes of an 8-hour work day – all spent on tasks that software-defined storage can smartly automate. Imagine what your staff could do with nearly 15 extra hours a week!

In our infographic, we explore how smart storage automation can save time across the board, from reducing support calls to vendors to eliminating manual data migration – all by using software-defined storage with a centralized storage management dashboard.

Software-defined storage is revolutionizing the storage industry, and can help improve productivity and morale while saving time. By automating repetitive tasks, SDS is transforming IT departments into decision-making innovators.

Time You Could Save Infographic

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