Save IT Time with Artificial Intelligence

Time is your most precious commodity – but when managing the data center, it can often feel like there is never enough of it. Manual, repetitive tasks eat away at your day, and you’re left with more on your to do list at the end of the day than when you sat down at your desk.

Tasks like storage provisioning, backup administration, and manual tuning take up dozens of hours each week. But they don’t have to.

Enter the latest and greatest innovation in data management: Artificial Intelligence.

Storage AI can save your IT department dozens of hours per week through automation. Here’s how.

What does storage AI look like?

At ioFABRIC, we use a branch of AI called Swarm Intelligence. Swarm Intelligence creates a globally intelligent whole from a swarm of decentralized, self-organized elements. Think about a colony of bees or a swarm of ants working together, and you’ll get the idea.

ioFABRIC’s storage AI understands the needs of each application and the capabilities of your storage infrastructure. By intelligently matching the application’s data requirements with the underlying storage infrastructure, ioFABRIC delivers the right data to the right applications with the right levels of performance and protection. All while minimizing the cost of this delivery.

And with two levels of swarm intelligence – lower-level swarms each managing the workload needs of individual applications, and a higher-level swarm to optimize the entire data fabric – we create an overall intelligent system.

How does AI save you time?

Say goodbye to those annoying, error-prone, time-sucking manual tasks. Here are some ways that storage AI can save your IT department time today:

  • No more manual, repetitive tasks. Storage AI takes care of things like storage provisioning, backups and data migration in the background. No disruption or any human intervention required.
  • No more dealing with the chaos of downtime due to capacity problems or human error. Think of the hours – and the stress! – you’ll save by not having to put out these fires.
  • No more manual tuning, whether it is for performance or to balance resources. This is a big time save for many IT departments, as tuning requires both knowledge and skill, and is difficult to do manually without disruption.
  • No more refactoring to keep resources useful. Migrating data from old to new is a chore that AI can take care of, but it can also refactor existing resources to enable better use of them.
  • Less time training new staff on repetitive or manual tasks.
  • No more maintenance tasks. Period.
Storage AI is your ticket to big-picture thinking

Take a minute and think about how much time your IT department spends on the above tasks. Add it up, and it’s more than a forty hour work week for everyone on the team. Now, think about what those hours could be spent on if not on manual tasks: business innovation, supporting new revenue initiatives, future-proofed planning? Carving out room for forward-thinking is essential for your team to progress, and storage AI can help you do just that.

Want to see how an intelligent data fabric works to save you even more time? Check out our infographic about time saved by automating data management.

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