I Don’t WannaCry

Surely there were already enough challenges in the data center. Delivering all the data services to the organization while simultaneously dealing with the time, effort and costs associated with your ever-escalating capacity volumes. That should really be enough to worry about. Did we really need something else to keep us up at night?

Our company lives on its data. So does yours. The idea that our data could be held hostage by evil attackers from anywhere around the world is terrifying. And it’s a terrifying idea that – with CryptoLocker, WannaCry, and Petya – became a terrifying reality for many businesses.

What can IT do?

After WannaCry, you can imagine thousands of network security specialists all standing up, waving their firsts, saying “I told you so!” And they’d be right: they did tell us so. And maybe we didn’t listen then. But everyone’s listening now. Ransomware is running rampant and we need to protect against it.

But it’s not that simple.

I recently interviewed storage buyers, storage admins, and storage solutions providers. When I asked about data protection, what was the number one thing I heard from everyone? The very real fear that in an emergency, their data (or their customers’ data) could never be recovered.

Consider that for a moment. Over 10,000 companies were affected by WannaCry. How many of them realized, too late, that their backup strategy wasn’t effective. Or that their backups themselves were also encrypted? How many of them paid the ransom?

We need to get past talking about RTOs and RPOs and nines of availability. Instead, we really need to get to never-being-down: cross-site, cross-cloud resiliency that guarantees business continuity even if a whole data center goes down.

That doesn’t mean no backup strategy. Bob from accounting may have accidently corrupted the financial database, and that means a restore from backup. And ransomware? That could mean a complete restore from before the attack.

Immutable snapshots

ioFABRIC provides a guaranteed level of data durability and availability with replicas that may even be on multiple cloud providers. With a ransomware attack, the best case is that an offsite or cloud copy is unaffected: business continues as usual.

In the worst case, everything is encrypted. Well, everything but your ioFABRIC backups of course.

With ioFABRIC, automatic incremental snapshots are created in an immutable format; they cannot be accessed or encrypted by ransomware. ioFABRIC provides unlimited and efficient snapshots with no impact on performance, and our cost-optimization keeps the costs down even with an aggressive snapshot strategy.

With immutable snapshots, you can recover from ransomware with no data loss, restoring data to any point-in-time, on-premise or in the cloud. You can resume operations in minutes.

Leave the crying to the hackers. With ioFABRIC you will not be paying a ransom.

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