Securing Backups from Ransomware, Human Error, and Cyber Attackers

Never be threatened by data loss again

Protect Your Company and Reputation

Prevent unplanned deletions
Neutralize ransomware attacks

Why are backups a target for ransomware?

The latest evolution of ransomware is focused on backups. Why? Because many companies believe restoring a good, clean backup will circumvent a malware attack. Wrong. A backup is now a point of vulnerability.

They can access your backup in three different ways:

  • Find and delete the backup directory, or
  • Steal the backup administrator’s privileges to delete the backup, or
  • Utilize any published, well-known backup software API to delete the backups

Once cyber criminals have gained access, they cripple your company’s operation by deleting or encrypting the backups before the ransomware detonates and then encrypt all of the system’s primary data.

Once the primary data and backups are infected, there is nothing you can do to recover the missing data. The ransom must be paid.

Why current data security approaches do not work

Many backup vendors are still recommending data security approaches that are out-dated and ineffective. Here’s why these approaches won’t work:


Time-Based Snapshots – Not Good Enough

Frequent snapshots, such as every day, hour or minute, offer a false sense of security because they only solve half the problem. Snapshot solutions do not ensure the data in the files has not been deleted or modified before it is snapped. It’s easy for a hacker to modify or delete backups between the time they are written and the time they are snapped. 


WORM – Not Feasible with Today's Storage Systems

WORM (write once ready many) technology is not feasible because backup programs rarely allow write once file compatibility. WORM is financially unviable because date today is constantly growing.

ioFABRIC Behavior-Based AI Security

Working in conjunction with your existing backup system, ioFABRIC replaces the existing NAS with a secure NAS. This additional layer of security prevents any unauthorized person or entity from encrypting or deleting your data. Then, as your backup system writes files into the ioFABRIC appliance (virtual or physical), they are immediately snapped, become immutable, and retention locked. ioFABRIC’s Behavior-Based AI Security ensures you Never Lose Data.

ioFABRIC Features:

  • Behavior-Based Monitoring and Management sends you alerts about any unusual or suspicious activities
  • Behavior-Based File Locking - provides you with a snapshot view for reporting, on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis
  • Behavior-Based Snapshots - captures data and state of your system as it is written
  • Offline Replication of Snapshots (optional) - gives you the option of having a second immutable physical or virtual location for your backup data
  • Hardened Security – includes built-in firewall and two-factor authentication
  • Secure NAS - Strengthens all standard backup software.  No need to replace your backup software. ioFABRIC enhances security around your existing backup software.

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