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In the ever-changing landscape of data protection and data privacy, businesses are increasingly at a loss:

  • How do I protect my company's data from being hacked or lost?
  • How do I keep my customers' data safe and always available?
  • How do I manage personally identifiable information (PII) to keep up with the latest regulations and still keep it safe?

With ioFABRIC software, you can offer your customers a simple, all-in-one solution for data protection and privacy compliance.


Game-Changing Solution

Eliminate business risk caused by human error, infrastructure failures, or ransomware hacks. Give your customers access to the most simple, cost-effective, scalable data recovery solution ever.

Ransomware Recoverable

Think that backups will save you? Think again. They are now a main attack vector for ransomware and other malware. Learn why simple backups and intrusion detection are not enough.

PII Privacy Compliance

Automatic indexing and search capabilities across backups allow you keep an eye on data and comply with PII regulations. Read more on how you can make sense (and dollars) of the GDPR & CCPA.

Your Trusted Partner

Customer Value

ioFABRIC protects your customers’ data from ransomware while ensuring that regulatory compliance for PII requirements are met for storage.


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