Ontario Municipalities Still not Ready for a Ransomware Attack

I had a great time last week at the MISA Ontario Annual Conference in Niagara Falls. We chatted with visitors about privacy compliance and ransomware protection and made over 150 specialty coffees, thanks to our friends at LatteBooth.

Hopefully, those who visited our booth took away more than just a complimentary coffee! Our ransomware solution is more important than ever, especially given what we learned at the conference: that so many municipalities are still not protected from ransomware. We like to say that it’s not if you will be hit with ransomware but when. What are you waiting for?

Government bodies are still being attacked by ransomware

Cyber-attacks have been happening for years, even hitting local governments and holding them ransom! In fact, the Ontario Provincial Police have been warning people since 2018 of these serious attacks that are affecting governments, businesses and citizens.

Just last year, two Ontario towns were locked out of their systems, leaving the officials to finally cave in and pay the ransom. This is just one example of a municipality being hit with ransomware, but there are so many more that have not received the same media coverage.

The problems with current solutions

So what is the easiest solution? Just paying does not actually help. Those who choose to pay the ransom may not get all their data back, and they will be added to a list of “payers” to be attacked again.

Cloud comes with its own problems. A common belief is that the cloud is a safe and secure place to store your data, and although we recommend having a copy of data offsite, it will not protect your data from a ransomware attack.

New variants of ransomware have found ways to get in and encrypt all of your files in the cloud, posing a major threat to the 82% of businesses using multi-cloud strategies to protect and store their valuable data. Cloud or offsite storage alone is no longer enough to protect your data.

Keep ransomware out

But fear not, because ioFABRIC has a solution that protects your data and ensures you won’t have to pay a ransom. ioFABRIC Software comes with a retention lock, which prevents the editing, locking, and deletion of your data. It keeps your data safe and compliant with all data privacy regulations.

Download our solution brief to see how ioFABRIC can keep your business safe from ransomware.