Quality of Service and Data Placement

We’ve often talked about Quality of Service (QoS) on this blog, from what it is to how ioFABRIC Vicinity uses it to optimize your storage and bring you better time and cost savings (learn about cutting the CrapEx with this series of blogs). It’s time to get into how ioFABRIC actually maintains this QoS, and we’ve…

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Health Care Is Ahead of the Game Seeking Storage Solutions

All companies, regardless of size, can benefit with data management software, but we are seeing a huge uptake in the health care industry. Their need for quick and secure access to data, often from multiple locations, is driving adoption of ioFABRIC software. The health care industry has large amounts of data that need to be…Read More

Location, Location, Location

What is the key ingredient to having a happy workplace? It’s all about location. Yes, of course ioFABRIC has other perks like flexible work hours, comfortable chairs, great team building, beer Tuesdays (!), challenging and rewarding work, and great staff to spend your time with. But the one ingredient that is hard to put a…Read More

With SDS, a Flat Budget Doesn’t Mean a Flat Future!

Storage admins have a tough 2017 ahead of them. Despite the fact that business data needs are growing exponentially, experts predict that 2017 IT budgets will remain flat. And that means there’s no room for massive storage overhauls, no matter how much they’re needed. But all is not lost. Without breaking the bank, you can…

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QoS Is Essential for Storage

As one of the core features of ioFABRIC Vicinity, Quality of Service (QoS) helps our customers achieve reliable performance, capacity, data protection, and cost targets for each application’s needs. But there is some confusion about how QoS works, and why it is so important to your storage environment. What is storage QoS? Similar to networking…

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Bon Voyage to 2016

Looking back at 2016, it’s hard not to be proud of what ioFABRIC has accomplished. Since launching GA in April last year, we have received 11 industry awards! It takes long hours and a solid team to deliver what we did in 2016. Our accolades include Start up of the Year, Most Innovative CEO, CRN Emerging…

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How Much Time Could You Save by Automating Your Storage Management?

Is your data storage a time-suck? Are your IT staff over-burdened, performing mundane and repetitive tasks instead of focusing on big-picture thinking? Too many IT departments spend valuable time – multiple hours each day – performing storage tasks that could be automated. These tasks not only stop staff from engaging in more important activities, but…

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Virtualization Review’s Top of 2016 – ioFABRIC

As a marketer it is always a challenge to accurately communicate what we do to a technical audience without using industry jargon or buzz words. You must know the buzz words I am talking about because marketing documents and websites are riddled with them: seamless, game-changer, value-add, thinking outside the box, and the list goes…

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