The SAN is Dead…Long Live the SAN

For years, IT industry gurus have predicted the end of the SAN, the end of Fibre Channel, or the end of on-premise storage. This is not one of those predictions. We are not here to eulogize your SAN. (The SAN is survived by about a dozen virtualized servers, a reasonably priced flash array, and a…

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A Better SAN is In Reach

Recently we told you about how our customers are using Vicinity software as a “SAN Extender” to get more performance, more capacity, and more advanced features out of their existing storage. InReach Continuing Education Solutions in Austin, Texas is doing exactly that. InReach helps its clients develop online continuing education and training programs that work…

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Three Things We Learned About Business Agility from Red Hat

Some colleagues and I recently attended the annual Red Hat Partner Conference, where we participated in, and absorbed from, the collaborative breakout sessions that are the backbone of the event. The event helped crystallize and validate some of our own thinking on Business Agility, and we wanted to share our insights with you! Here are…

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So Advanced, It’s Simple

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There was a popular saying in the old days of advertising and marketing: “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with…” Well, I think you know the one. Tech vendors have long relied on baffling the market, not to mention the investor community. They seem to opt for the most confusing way possible…

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When the SAN Grows Up, Has a Couple of Kids, and Moves to the Suburbs

If you’re, ahem, a certain age, like me, you remember when the SAN was first introduced. It was a radical leap forward in shared enterprise storage. The current zeitgeist of software-defined storage is a similar revolution – intelligent software that transforms and repurposes heterogeneous commodity hardware into a distributed, enterprise-class storage platform. In effect, it’s…

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Storage Designed with Docker in Mind

Docker is a is lightweight, agile platform allowing you to quickly and easily build, ship, and run distributed apps anywhere. Docker is used by some of the coolest companies around – Spotify, GILT, shopify, and Uber – to test and deploy new, bleeding-edge apps and features, at a lower cost, with less time and effort,…

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It’s Not You, It’s Migration

This isn’t easy, but… we need to talk. It’s about data migration. It just isn’t working out. Data migration is messy, but it’s a business necessity. Whenever storage technologies are upgraded, whenever a new data center or office location is added, whenever a change is made, whenever there’s maintenance to do – there’s data to…

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See ioFABRIC Vicinity at the SYNNEX Sales Conference/Summit 2016

If you’re a VAR, systems integrator, or xSP in Ontario, you’re probably attending the SYNNEX Sales Conference / Summit 2016 this February 19-21 in Toronto. What a small world! So are we! We should hook up. At the event, we’ll be talking to SYNNEX partners about developing distributed storage and hyperconverged solutions based on ioFABRIC…

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