Agile Methods Applied to Marketing Teams – Part 2

As we continue with last week’s post on agile marketing, this week we conclude with putting agile into practice. The Backlog – Tasks and Priority The backlog is the overall marketing to do list, all the things that you need to get done. This is all the programs and tactics that the marketing group is responsible…

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Evolving Beyond a Traditional Storage Gateway

Bringing together all storage into a single point of management, wherever it resides, has long been a dream for storage administrators. Many attempts have been made to make this possible, but each has in some way fallen short. Some of the problem is that previous vendors just haven’t dreamed big enough. A traditional storage gateway is…

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SDS vs Storage Virtualization: Buzzword Face-off!

Technology has its own special jargon, but sometimes those words get used in so many different ways, they start to become meaningless. This week, we’ve decided to crack down on a couple of the most interchangeably-used words in storage – software-defined storage and storage virtualization. Take a look at our infographic for some quick ways to remember…

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Data Residency Made Easy

ioFABRIC offers a solution to complex storage problems Where does your data live? For most organizations, data locality is as simple as making sure that the data is close to where it is being used. For some, data locality must also factor in geographical location and/or legal description. Regardless of the scope, data locality is…

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Agile Methods Applied to Marketing Teams – Part 1

Agile has taken software development by storm, but are there best practices from Agile methodologies that can help make marketing teams more effective? Absolutely! In case you’re not familiar with Agile, or have only heard the name, let’s start with a brief history. The Agile Experience Just over a decade ago, a revolution came to…

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Business Agility with SDS – How to Get It

Recently I addressed the idea of business agility and why software-defined storage helps deliver it. (It’s not just me saying it; it’s Red Hat too). SDS provides better linkages between storage and the rest of IT, and between IT and the rest of the business. SDS converts your storage into more of a service model…

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Millennials – You Should Work for a Startup

As a generation, Millennials are uniquely positioned to take risks – because we have less to lose. In the wake of the 2008 crash, those of us graduating from school were now competing with highly experienced workers. Career-oriented positions became coveted, and, with thousands of applicants competing for an entry-level marketing position, we turned to…

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