Always Win with Win/Loss Analysis! Part 2

This week, we’re looking at part 2 of win/loss analysis. Check out part 1 here to see what you missed! Loss Analysis The biggest challenge with loss analysis is getting them to have the conversation with you and/or call you back. Many view the decision not to buy from you the end of the process…

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Fight Back Against the Civil War in Your Data Center!

A couple weeks ago we ran a Civil War contest – no, not to start one! Rather, themed around the Captain America: Civil War movie release and comic books. We ran it through the IT Pro community Spiceworks and gave away a full, mint-condition set of the comic books to one lucky winner – and…

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Backups Are Dead, Long Live Snapshot Copies

The best Software-Defined Storage solutions easily make good on the promise of increasing data center agility while reducing storage costs. But there are significant additional benefits to be had. One of which is the potential to completely eliminate the need for costly backup and recovery systems. More agility gained. More costs saved. No more backup…

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Always Win with Win/Loss Analysis! Part 1

It’s not about winning or losing; it’s about knowing why. Among the many strategies a Product Manager has for getting information on how your product is performing in the real world, Win/Loss Analysis is arguably the single most powerful tool, because it tells you what did, or did not, meet the prospect’s expectations. The more…

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Where’s the Loyalty??

Recently the founder and CEO of Trace3, an Irvine, Calif.-based solutions integrator, told Forbes magazine “the traditional VAR is dead.” It’s not a shock that cloud and converged infrastructures are taking wind out of the sails of equipment resellers, but the strong ones, like Trace3, move with the market. Our research on the changing role…

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The Value of Bimodal IT

Last week, we went to Gartner’s CIO and IT Executive Summit in Toronto. Among the many great sessions we attended, Mary Mesaglio’s talk on bimodal IT stood out. In essence, bimodal IT is a process that alternates between conservative IT planning and more agile, short project cycles. The ability to quickly respond, scale up, scale…

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And the Winner Is… Steven Lamb for Most Innovative CEO!

I dusted off the tux and shined my shoes for the CEO World Awards on Monday evening. It felt like the academy awards with the red carpet, photographers, and fancy clothing—and it should because the gold trophy they bestowed upon me, for Most Innovative CEO, is made by the same company that makes the gold…

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We’re Attending the Red Hat Summit This Week!

We’re in San Francisco this week to take part in the Red Hat Summit – the premier open source technology event. With sessions, labs, keynotes, and more, the Summit will inspire you (and us!) with creative new technologies and hands-on learning. Red Hat even has a starter guide for newbies to get the most out…

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The Merry Adventures of Disruptive Storage Technologies

Today’s IT landscape has made disruption one of the least disruptive ideas around (at least in conversation). What about storage? One of the few areas disruption is lacking is storage, but it is finally catching up. Storage technologies today are changing in the same way virtualization changed the computing landscape. Newer storage technologies improve automation,…

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