Say What? All The Software-Defined Storage Jargon, Defined

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or you’re new to the world of storage, you’ve no doubt encountered terminology, acronyms, and jargon that made your head spin. Here’s an A-Z list of the most common jargon you’ll encounter in the software-defined storage space (and yes, we’ll define that, too!), so you can do more than just…

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Auto-Age Your Data to the Cloud

It’s 2016 and we’re still talking about cloud. Because the conversation is far from over. Most businesses are using cloud storage in some way, but are you using it effectively? How do you balance what data is in the cloud versus local? How do you migrate data without application impact, performance challenges, or protocol concerns?…

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How to Choose the Best Hyperconverged Vendor

Hyperconverged is a hot topic, but when it comes down to buying, how can you tell the difference between what’s being offered and what you need? From the internet’s trove of knowledgeable nerds, we’ve found the top blogs on choosing a hyperconverged solution and listed them here, so you can easily assess your needs and…

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Storage Sucks – We Can Fix That!

Do you hate thinking about storage? Does the thought of provisioning make your blood run cold? Do you dream of angry users and infrastructure failures only to wake up to panicked calls from your coworkers? Take a deep breath. Breathe in. Exhale. Imagine what your life would look like if you never had to worry about…

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There Is Nothing Like Someone Agreeing with You

As an entrepreneur, I am usually in the position of educating on the latest trends in the industry and explaining why our new tech makes sense. With new groundbreaking ideas, it sometimes takes effort to bring others around to the vision. And then there are experts who understand the value and the vision at first…

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Reading, the Deliberate Practice of Learning

Inc. Magazine recently reported on the “extreme reading habits” of some of America’s top executives, including Warren Buffett, Mark Cuban, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg. I’m glad other CEOs see the value in reading, because it’s something I enjoy too. For years I’ve been reading for up to two hours a day, seven days a…

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4 Tips on Extending Your SAN’s “Expiry” Date

You’ve probably heard that traditional SAN and NAS systems are getting close to their expiry date, and I’d have to agree. Storage experts agree that their effective data center value (and their market share) is being eroded on multiple fronts: hyperconverged, cloud storage, distributed systems like Hadoop and Ceph, agile software-defined storage solutions, and more.…

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Flash Memory Summit Video – How Does Flash Enable SDS?

At the Flash Memory Summit this year, our VP Marketing, Andrew Flint, talked with George Crump of Storage Switzerland about how flash enables software-defined storage – and vice versa. According to Storage Switzerland: [For years] SDS really had not taken off, it was hindered by a lack of CPU power and highly latent hard disk…

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