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Municipal IT Security Is Top of Mind at MISA Infosec, but Few Are Prepared

The rise in cyberattacks on local and municipal governments was the focus of the recent MISA Ontario Infosec conference held in October, and we at ioFABRIC learned a lot. Unfortunately, what we learned wasn’t all good.

The event attracts municipal IT professionals and managers, and we talked to most attendees about their information security strategies. While our takeaways clearly weren’t a scientific study by any means, we feel obligated to share, because it paints a grim picture of ransomware preparedness.

The truth about backups

Some municipal IT professionals believed their backup software protects them from ransomware.

There are several reasons this may not be the case.

  1. Backup software does not render the backup immutable, which is the only way to ensure ransomware doesn’t encrypt those files. No other solution will work.
  2. Backup software does not work to identify suspicious software or files on your network, but ransomware detection software does. You need to be notified of anything irregular on your network.
  3. Backup software usually cannot work quickly enough. The solution should be able to failover a VM cluster within 15 seconds.

Bottom line: your backup system is not adequate for securing your data, nor will it give you instant failover, nor will it prevent an attack.

Protection against ransomware?

Another thing we learned is that most understood problems usually happen through equipment failure, human error, or ransomware. While this is all true, the sad reality is few were in a position to do something about it.

Ransomware is a huge concern, not just in municipal agencies (here’s why) but across the board, and action needs to be taken. You can either pay for effective protection, or pay a ransom, but one way or another, you’ll pay.

Organizations require no interruptions, no losses, no downtime. Archive Intelligence protects your data so it can always be recovered from immutable snapshots.

With almost one-fifth of all ransomware attacks directed at municipal/local governments, it behooves all IT pros to effectively protect their organizations. And by all means, if you’re a solution provider or MSP with clients in this space, you need to get to work too.

Since you’re already on our website, how about a demo of Archive Intelligence?