Kubernetes: What It Is, and Why Use ioFabric

Kubernetes can be a helpful tool for automating the use of containers – especially if you are doing rapid development – but the storage behind it can be unreliable at best.

How do you mitigate the risks of stateless container storage and still get the best performance for your top containerized apps? Read on and find out.

What is Kubernetes?

Kurbernetes is a container orchestration platform designed to help scale various containerized applications and services.

As Janakiram MSV (Adjunct Professor at the International Institute of Information Technology) points out, container orchestration platforms like Kubernetes offer “tools to extend lifecycle management capabilities to complex, multi-container workloads deployed on a cluster of machines.”

How does it work? The infrastructure of Kubernetes accounts for variants in data from anywhere across the containerized network. A cluster service running on the master node monitors the entire network, while containers running on worker nodes keep all nodes updated and deployed.

By incorporating information from each node and integrating it into a whole, the end-user can generate the entire cluster in one action.

This has far reaching implications in terms of maintenance efficiency and data retrieval time.

But it poses new problems in the context of storage. Although container deployment does connect with worker and master nodes in terms of monitoring, it offers little by way of data/memory recall when a container dies.

So if you have a glitch or unexpected reboot, you have to start again from scratch.

Say goodbye to all your work. Or – is there another way?

Why Use ioFABRIC

Since containers are stateless, losing memory is a consistent risk.

Persistent storage is often applied as an antidote to this issue, and ioFABRIC Vicinity does that – all with some added benefits.

Vicinity offers the end-user an immersive memory recall extension without the risk of losing data points. A database container backed up in Vicinity is no longer liable to lost data if the host application crashes, because a cloud storage vault is maintained for just this purpose.

Start Optimizing Your Storage Volumes

There is no reason to go forward without a container orchestration platform like Kubernetes – now that ioFABRIC solves your storage problems.  Start a trial to see how Vicinity can make your life easier.

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