ioFABRIC Introduces Fully Automated, QoS-driven SDS Solution

Originally published by Adam Armstrong on StorageReview.com

Today ioFABRIC Inc. released its flash-optimized, software-defined storage solution, Vicinity. Vicinity features storage automation that delivers application level QoS in order to unify storage resources, simplify flash deployment, centralize management, and improve storage utilization. These benefits will help customers become more agile while cutting costs in a multivendor data center.

Data is exploding with no sign in sight that it will slow down anytime soon. Storage and compute needs are going to increase right along with the increase in data. One thing that is sure not to increase are IT budgets. This is where Vicinity can do the most good. Vicinity automates resources (performance, capacity, and data protection requirements) according to applications needs as defined by the administrators. Not only does this hide the complexities of the underlying storage resources, it allows for automatic monitoring, and aides in adapting changes to infrastructure and workloads.

Vicinity’s automation of resources enables automatic tiering, active data is stored on high-performance resources while cold data is stored on more economical media. Vicinity continually monitors resources utilizing and optimizing as it goes. It will help companies discover and utilize capacity and performance they already own but up to know didn’t use.

Key features and benefits include:

  • Deploys as a physical or virtual appliance that is accessible over standard storage protocols and/or as software agents on Linux application servers in a converged storage model
  • Nearly eliminates storage provisioning time, one of the most time-consuming chores of a storage admin
  • Achieves near-zero downtime through automation, reduced complexity, and data protection features, including dynamic replicas, self healing, and snapshots
  • Eliminates manual data migration efforts by identifying and profiling and utilizing new storage resources
  • Efficiently uses flash by automatically moving performance-starved application data to flash and stale application data to capacity storage
  • Unifies DRAM, flash, and hard drives across direct-attached, SAN, NAS, and cloud storage

ioFABRIC’s SDS solution, Vicinity, is available now and is licensed by capacity as an annual software subscription.

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