ioFABRIC 3.0 Is Here! Storage Virtualization Has Come of Age

After talking to industry analysts, and hearing the general buzz at FMS, it’s obvious ioFABRIC has the right approach to storage. We virtualize storage, similar to how VMware virtualizes servers, so you don’t have to worry about your storage infrastructure.

Virtualizing storage lets you focus on your true concerns: the data. It’s about data—securing it, and making it available and always-on. Making hardware a pluggable or composable component simplifies operations and eliminates migrations. Yes—never again will you need to migrate storage!

Our latest version of our data fabric Vicinity—version 3.0—was announced today. Vicinity 3.0 creates a multi-site, multi-cloud data fabric that is always-on, always protected, always evergreen.

Our customers tell us that with ioFABRIC they set their SLAs for each workload and our AI automatically meets those objectives. Users get all the data protection and availability they need without any of the headaches typically faced in planning and managing storage.

I’m proud to announce 3 main features in ioFABRIC:

  1. Multi-Site, Multi-Cloud – always available, always evergreen, always protected

ioFABRIC pools storage together creating a data fabric that delivers protection, capacity, and performance requirements across all storage, sites, and clouds. Our evergreen technology eliminates migrations, storage silos, and forklift upgrades.

  1. Cost Optimization with AI

ioFABRIC uses a branch of AI called Swarm Intelligence that automatically uses the lowest-cost storage in your network while ensuring that each application’s requirements are met and maintained. Policy management features allow data to be placed and moved based on usage, data activity, and cost.

  1. Protection and Availability

The ioFABRIC Data Fabric identifies and self-heals around disk and network failures, using resilient live instances of data placed across nodes, sites, or clouds. We also provide an exceptional level of data durability and availability against ransomware attacks with incremental, immutable snapshot and SnapCopy technologies.

To learn more, check out our product page, or try it for free.

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