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How to Stay Safe From Ransomware

In the time it took for you to open this document and start reading it, a new ransomware variant has been developed. Every 18 seconds!

And unfortunately, these new ransomware variants are intelligently developed and deployed. It is unlikely that your data is sufficiently protected to stop this new breed of ransomware. They first target your backups and either encrypt or delete them. The second stage of the attack is your primary data.

After that, they issue a ransom for hundreds of thousands of dollars in some cases.

How are businesses coping?

I know you are thinking you are protected with your backups and offsite storage, but 95% of the companies we speak to do not have proper data protection. If your backups are connected via the internet (ie. public cloud storage) or in your private remote site (ie. offsite storage), these are still vulnerable to ransomware because they have a network connection.

Once ransomware is in your network, usually through an email or another executable file, it hides dormant for a period of time, sniffing through your files and systems, and then detonates. Your backups and primary systems will both be targeted.

The biggest problem is that once end-point protection discovers the network has been hit, it is already too late.

Lock them out

Experts at ioFABRIC know that the only way to completely protect your data is with retention lock immutability. Criminals will not be able to alter, delete, or destroy your backups.

With retention lock immutability, you will not have to pay a ransom because your backups will remain safe. Read more about how we do it in this solution brief.

Get ioFABRIC. Lock them out.