The Hazards of Success Are Real!

It’s been a rough week at the ioFABRIC offices as we celebrate three separate award wins. Indeed, success comes at a steep price—multiple contusions, bruising, muscles sprains and a few employees out on sick leave all related to our much-publicized wins from Tech Target/SearchStorage.com and Tech Trailblazers.

One marketing employee had to take extended sick leave from too much stress related to decision making.

“I just couldn’t decide where to put all of our award logos: website, marketing collateral, Twitter… it was just too many decisions all at once,” she said.

ioFABRIC’s VP Marketing stepped up to finalize the product positioning around the new wins but he also experienced challenges around all the new attention. “It is overwhelming to have our competitors so jealous of our success,” said Andrew Flint.

Similar sentiments were felt by Nigel Miller, VP Business Development who took on the task of communicating with ioFABRIC’s channel partners.

Miller suffered multiple muscle strains from too much patting on the back.  “Our channels are elated we won Product of the Year for Data Management, but at what price?” he said from his physiotherapists’ office.

Other ioFABRIC employees have reported bruising from all the high fives and celebrations taking place. All employees are expected to make full recoveries.

Indeed, success comes at a price!