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How to Avoid Both Huge PII Non-Compliance Fines and Ransomware Payouts

Compliance requirements today have left most organizations scrambling to keep up. Concerns about personally-identifiable information (PII) privacy have led to new world-wide regulations that carry fines in the millions.
It's time to get prepared.

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What you are up against

The Right to be Forgotten

One of the most prominent requirements of PII regulations is “The Right to Be Forgotten,” a.k.a. “The Right to Erasure.”

When any individual requests an organization remove all of their PII information, that organization has approximately 30 days to do so, document it, and inform the requestor that it has been completed.

This is a major problem in backups and especially unstructured data. Today we hear about organizations that are spending weeks to months responding to each PII request!

The Risks of Malicious Attacks

Protecting that PII data from malicious actions is another compliance issue. Common wisdom has been that a good clean backup is the antidote to ransomware.

No longer. Ransomware is actively deleting backups before they detonate costing organizations in ransom payouts, lost productivity, and non-compliance fines.

There is increasing alarm about this rapidly growing ransomware threat and sensitive data loss to malicious actors since common conventional processes fail to stop it. There has to be a better way!

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Steven Lamb headshot

Steven is a successful entrepreneur who is once again developing and launching a software product that is a game changer in the data storage arena. Lamb forged himself as a data storage expert with server-side caching at Nevex Virtual Technologies Inc. prior to its acquisition in 2009. Steve’s current company, ioFABRIC, is in the data management and data security space.

Marc Staimer headshot

Marc is known for his in depth and keen understanding of user problems, especially with storage. Marc has published thousands of technology articles and tips from the user perspective for internationally renowned online trade publications. Combining Marc’s entertaining real-world end user anecdotes with his deep industry knowledge, makes for a very fast and thoroughly entertaining session. His experiences with thousands of end users, and hundreds of vendors, over the past three decades have provided him with an endless supply of rich compelling insights.

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The crucial PII regulations affecting every organization:
  • GDPR, PDPA, CCPA, APPI, and more
  • Right-to-Access
  • Right-to-Erasure a.k.a. Right-to-be-Forgotten
  • Change Audits and Documentation
  • PII Breach Protection
  • PII Disaster Recovery
How ioFABRIC solves major issues related to PII:
  • PII erasures in image-based backups
  • Documentation of PII erasures
How to prevent ransomware, malware, or malicious actors from deleting backups:
  • Retention lock immutability

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