July 27, 2016

“Don’t believe the hype,” Public Enemy said. But this hype you can believe: ioFABRIC has been named in three, count ‘em, three 2016 Gartner Hype Cycle reports: Hype Cycle for Storage Technologies, Hype Cycle for Infrastructure Strategies, and Hype Cycle for I&O Automation.

It’s great to see ioFABRIC Vicinity recognized as a product that is potentially disruptive to the traditional storage infrastructure. Revolutionary, you might even say.

Hype Cycle reports help enterprises identify which emerging computing technologies, services, and disciplines are worth their investments. The Hype Cycle for storage technologies evaluates hardware and software based on business impact, adoption rate, and maturity level. (We’re good in all that.)

In the Hype Cycle for infrastructure and operations (I&O), products are noted for their ability to increase speed of workflow completion, reduce errors, increase reliability, and make I&O more cost-efficient. (All of which we do very well.)

Interestingly enough, 2016 is the first-ever Hype Cycle covering infrastructure. The new infrastructure report replaced previous reports on virtualization, because Gartner notes that the virtualization market is levelling off while other technologies are emerging, such as bimodal infrastructure, Internet of Things, software-defined anything, infrastructure-as-a-service, platform-as-a-service, and container-based delivery. (We fit in nicely there  too.)

Here’s the money quote, from the Hype Cycle for infrastructure:

“Although management SDS is still largely a vision, it is a powerful idea that could revolutionize storage architectural approaches and storage consumption models over time… The goal of SDS is to deliver greater business value than traditional implementations via better linkage of storage to the rest of IT, improved agility, and cost optimization. This is achieved through policy management, such that automation and storage administration are simplified with less manual oversight required, which allows larger storage capacity to be managed with fewer people. Due to its hardware-agnostic nature, management SDS products are more likely to provide deep capability for data mobility between private and public clouds to enable a hybrid cloud enterprise strategy.”

This is hype we can get behind!

If you have a Gartner account, you can access the reports here:

Hype Cycle for Storage Technologies, 2016

Hype Cycle for Infrastructure Strategies, 2016

Hype Cycle for I&O Automation, 2016

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