Data Fabrics Have Storage Covered

Nearly 50 years ago, a trade association claimed that cotton was “the fabric of our lives”. But there’s a new fabric that is poised to become even more critical to our everyday lives – the data fabric. Data fabrics weave together disparate compute and storage resources into a single, virtualized software-defined solution that ensures data protection, eliminates complexity, and reduces overall storage management costs.

What is the Data Fabric?

By sewing together elements of how data is managed, where data is placed, and how data can be optimized, data fabrics unify storage resources with policy-based administration to provide the ultimate access, control, protection, and security of business-critical information.

Data fabrics enable the movement of information between storage systems within a single data center, across locations, and/or to the cloud without changing user processes.

Your IT “security blanket”

I like to think about data fabrics as being a security blanket for IT.

Much like a child might use a blanket to overcome the fear of the dark, our multi-site, multi-cloud data fabric helps organizations eliminate the fear of hardware refreshes with evergreen storage; eliminate the fear of ransomware with immutable snapshots; eliminate the fear of restore times with always-on business continuity; and eliminate the fear of escalating expenditures with cost-optimized storage.

With ioFABRIC, IT no longer needs to worry about the things that keep them up at night.

Non-stop data growth? No problem.

With volumes of business data growing at more than 50 percent a year, management complexity, performance problems, and never-ending data migration projects are overwhelming organizations like never before.

Overcome the limitations of traditional storage approaches. By using a data fabric across multiple sites and multiple clouds, you’ll solve data management problems while reducing complexity and cost. Sound good? ioFABRIC has got you covered.

Get the right data fabric

ioFABRIC Vicinity reduces time, cost, and risk through advanced automation and data protection, with seamless performance and capacity scaling without limit and without manual data migration.

Based on unique application service objectives, Vicinity’s data orchestration adapts in real-time as demands and workloads change.

Data is stored on a dynamic mix of storage media and resources to deliver set service-level storage objectives for each and every application, and further optimized to deliver all objectives in the most cost-effective manner for the company.

Realize an immediate ROI, drive business innovation with intelligent storage, eliminate downtime and risk, embrace and extend existing storage, and achieve application-level QoS.

ioFABRIC’s multi-site, multi-cloud data fabric drives business innovation with intelligent storage. Try it and it will become the data fabric of your life.


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