Cloud Storage: So. Many. Questions.

At the recent Dell World – Dell EMC World, rather – nearly every exhibitor was touting cloud storage.

There was one gateway vendor in particular whose signage advertised “get on the cloud in 30 minutes.” When I stopped to chat about their system, and how they could claim 30 minutes (or your pizza is free?), the spokesperson was a little stymied.

For the sake of argument, let’s suspend disbelief and stipulate the network is already properly configured, the S3 account is set up, and the cloud gateway hardware can be up and running in a half hour or less. Hey, it’s my blog; I make the rules here.

So then what do I do?

Then you just put your data in the cloud, the spokesperson said. It’s that simple.

I further questioned him: what data should I be putting in the cloud? How much of it? How do I get it back on site? What if it’s lost or compromised? What if it’s complicated to manage? What if I change my mind and want to move it to a different cloud service? What if the monthly costs are out of control?

“You just put your data in the cloud” is not sufficient today, and telling show attendees that it’s that fast and easy strikes me as a wee bit irresponsible.

When we talk to new customers, many if not most are already using cloud storage to some extent. They’ve had trouble with migration or want to add more cloud capacity to their current SAN. They have questions. So. Many. Questions. I can’t blame them. Even for a seasoned IT manager, using the cloud – using it effectively and properly for their business and storage budget – can be complicated.

So if you too wonder if you’re using cloud storage effectively and properly, join us for a webinar and find out how to:

  1. Implement self-managing, cost-optimized cloud storage
  2. Gain data protection with snapshot copies to the cloud for DR
  3. Seamless orchestration between on-premises and cloud storage

We aren’t promising you’ll get up and running in 30 minutes or less, however, we can probably spot you the cost of the pizza.


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