ioFABRIC Helps Kitchen Kuttings Achieve Peace of Mind

Food retailer recovers from malicious data loss by implementing simple, drop-in-place business disaster solution


Located in the heart of Elmira, Ontario, Canada, Kitchen Kuttings Inc. offers an assortment of homemade jams, pickles, preserves, cheeses, summer sausage, old-fashioned fudge, brittle, and a range of local specialty foods.  Opened in 1989, Kitchen Kuttings operates both a full-service retail business at the main intersection of Elmira, as well as appearing at the St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market two to three times a week.  All of Kitchen Kuttings’ offerings are available through its website – kitchenkuttings.com – for on-site pickup or via delivery.

The Problem – Potential data breach causes ‘total chaos’ for Kitchen Kuttings by corrupting and deleting QuickBooks data and other business-critical information

Like any organization large or small, Kitchen Kuttings is depending on a variety of software applications to keep its business running smoothly so that it can fulfill its mandate of offering high-quality products with a focus on great customer service.  The company’s HP server supports three on-site desktops as well as a remote home office.  Among the key applications Kitchen Kuttings is dependent upon are its QuickBooks payroll and accounting software, in addition to a collection of other business-sensitive files.  The owners performed manual backups of its QuickBooks system each evening.

Over the years, Kitchen Kuttings experienced a number of unsolicited phone calls and emails from a number of aggressive people claiming that they needed remote access to the company’s computer network to resolve non-existent issues.

“We get a lot of phone calls saying that our Windows software is broken and that they want to remotely connect to our computers,” said Nancy Shantz, one of Kitchen Kuttings’ co-owners.  “I totally refuse and sometimes they get very aggressive.  One time, we didn’t respond very well to them and they actually threatened one of my colleagues saying, ‘You go to the nearest Walmart and I’ll bomb you.’  That’s crazy.”

One day, Shantz came to work and found that a lot of her files were deleted.  She called premium IT solutions provider, Xenium, to help recover the missing and corrupted files: mostly QuickBooks data.  Shantz said that Xenium was able to help her retrieve most of her critical information, but not all.

“I’m still coming across some files that are like, ‘Oh, yeah, right.  They’re not here anymore,’” said Shantz.  “While we were able to retrieve most of the files, thankfully, there were a couple of weeks, maybe even months before everything went smoothly again.”

The Xenium team, having dealt with similar issues at other local companies, suggested that Kitchen Kuttings implement a solution with more protection.  After presenting some options for Kitchen Kuttings to explore, Shantz decided on implementing Xenium XeProtect, a simple, turnkey data protection and data availability solution that eliminates the risk of ransomware, data loss, and downtime.

The Solution – XeProtect with ioFABRIC software ensures data is secured from human error and environmental disasters, with protection and detection features, and data is stored and instantly accessible in the cloud.

Based on technology from ioFABRIC, XeProtect ensures data is stored and backed up safely, secured from malicious attacks, and is encrypted to meet security and compliance requirements.  XeProtect monitors new encryption events in backup images and stops malware from tampering with the backups after they have been written.  XeProtect automatically manages a copy of the customers’ data on-premise and a copy in the cloud.  If access to one copy of the data is interrupted for any reason, XeProtect automatically fails over to the on-site or cloud copy.  Immutable snapshots cannot be accessed or infected by ransomware, so data is always safe and easily recoverable.  XeProtect deploys in minutes, without needing any IT staff or time.  It’s a drop-in-place solution that guarantees data protection and data availability for any business.  Previous versions of files are recoverable at the click of a button with XeProtect’s Instant Safe Restart functionality.

The Results – Kitchen Kuttings provides peace of mind by automatically performing full system backup to offsite cloud with guaranteed instant recovery.

Since deploying the XeProtect solution, Kitchen Kuttings has not suffered with issues arising from missing, deleted, or corrupted files.  In addition to the QuickBooks data that Shantz was manually backing up previously, the XeProtect solution backs up “a lot of other important information that I didn’t want to lose that I didn’t have a backup for.”  A nightly report is sent to Shantz indicating the backup’s success, which she said allows her to go home with peace of mind.

“I realize that nothing’s foolproof, but it makes me feel more comfortable knowing that there’s software doing the backup,” said Shantz.  “I can shut down my computer and not worry about doing a backup every evening, and even if I lose something, at least Xenium has a backup or has access to the files.  I didn’t have too many expectations before it was installed but now, I just enjoy the whole thing.  I would definitely recommend it to anybody.”