Changing Times Requires a Security Expert

Xenium IT Services Offers ioFABRIC for Ransomware Protection

Xenium IT Services describes themselves as a provider of premium IT services, security and solutions. But their real focus is ensuring their customers have what they need today and tomorrow—effectively future proofing their IT. “My customers’ biggest challenge is keeping up with IT and security. They want to feel they are protected and that everything is looked after,” said Frank Kuschmierz, CEO at Xenium IT. To do that, Xenium offers a suite of managed services including backup software, end point protection, and ransomware protection from ioFABRIC.

With over half of Xenium’s customers using ioFABRIC to ensure their backup files are safe, Kuschmierz believes ioFABRIC is suited to most infrastructures. Kuschmierz said “I know the ioFABRIC solution will grow exponentially. Everyone needs to make sure their backup files are secured from ransomware and no other solution that I know provides the deep AI learning, insights, and protection that ioFABRIC does.”

“Ransomware is a sophisticated problem. The criminals launch an attack, usually from a phishing email, and from there gain access to your most important asset—your data. They proceed to encrypt or delete your backups files and then move onto your primary data. Without reliable backups a company cannot recover from ransomware,” said Steven Lamb, CEO and Co-Founder at ioFABRIC.

“The criminals are getting smarter and they will have new attack vectors that we haven’t even thought about now. This is why end point protection can only go so far. We need a smart system using AI that will identify and stop attacks before they start. We need a solution that proactively alerts on suspicious behavior. The market need is exploding, and people need to act now to protect their data. Ransomware will hit them in a bad way if not,” warned Kuschmierz.

“The biggest lesson I have learned is to move quickly when security is concerned. I take security seriously and act immediately. That is where ioFABRIC fits in,” said Kuschmierz.

ioFABRIC software ensures you never lose data. It is sold as an add-on to your existing backup software. ioFABRIC software protects your backup files two ways:

  1. ioFABRIC secures and locks your backups so they are safe and reliable
  2. ioFABRIC uses machine reasoning and AI to proactively alert on and stop malicious intent (ransomware) and accidental deletions

“If you look at statistics, security is always high on list of infrastructure needs. Ten years ago, we would put in a server and leave it for a number of years with only small updates; you didn’t have to do much to protect a network. A firewall and virus protection were all that was needed. But today, security needs have exponentially increased,” said Kuschmierz. “Even a few years ago, ransomware would go in and encrypt data. Today ransomware has evolved, and it now also steals that data and uses it against you. This is why Xenium offers a suite of solutions to protect your network and your data.”

Since partnering with ioFABRIC Kuschmierz feels his security suite is complete. “My customers are protected with ioFABRIC and our suite of products. We know we have a great solution. It is my responsibility to make sure my customers are protected. I have a responsibility to let them know the risks out there. ioFABRIC is part of this solution and I am happy to work with them.”

Kuschmierz’s final comment is about COVID-19: “I see ransomware similar to the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, everyone is affected by this pandemic, and similarly everyone is going to be impacted by ransomware. I know my customers are protected from ransomware. I ask every company out there: Are you protected?”

Xenium IT Services can be reached at www.xenium.ca

ioFABRIC Inc. can be reached at www.iofabric.com