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The Lie of Five Nines: Data Must Be Always Available

By Andrew Flint | September 11, 2017

Several years ago, someone decided to quantify their high reliability and high availability data services—and the idea of “Five Nines” was born. The Five Nines Rule While this was a way of setting a high bar of availability—99.999 percent rounds up to 100, right?—when people started calculating it out, they…

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Can Service Providers Survive in a Cloud World?

By Andrew Flint | September 5, 2017

Today’s service providers are facing a challenge: either adapt to grow with the market (and the demands of customers), or become irrelevant. And while that might sound harsh, the reality is that cloud providers are showing customers a different way of looking at their infrastructure – one based on ROI.…

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What Is the Future for Hybrid Cloud?

By Andrew Flint | August 28, 2017

Cloud adoption is growing, and fast. According to a recent report from McAfee, 93 percent of organizations are currently using cloud services, and within the next 15 months we can expect to see cloud spending account for up to 80 percent of IT budgets. Public cloud challenges Despite the fast…

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ioFABRIC 3.0 Is Here! Storage Virtualization Has Come of Age

By Steve Lamb | August 22, 2017
After talking to industry analysts, and hearing the general buzz at FMS, it’s obvious ioFABRIC has the right approach to storage. We virtualize storage, similar to how VMware virtualizes servers, so you don’t have to worry about your storage infrastructure. Virtualizing storage lets you focus on your true concerns: the… Read More

Using Artificial Intelligence to Optimize Flash

By Rayan Zachariassen | August 14, 2017

Thanks FMS #flashmem for another great show that brought together the best in flash innovations. As a software company, ioFABRIC is sometimes out of place at these hardware shows, but this year we found a distinct uptake in agreement that software is storage too! I spoke on a panel with…

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Come See Us for Tech Talk and Pizza at FMS!

By Steve Lamb | August 7, 2017

ioFABRIC has come a long way since we won Best of Show at Flash Memory Summit in 2015, and we are coming back again! We’re looking forward to seeing our customers and partners at the Santa Clara Convention Centre for Flash Memory Summit from August 8-10. You’ll have two chances…

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How AI Helps SysAdmins

By Lori Steuart | July 28, 2017

Today is SysAdmin Day, and we are celebrating the hard work of our friends and partners! One of the things we designed ioFABRIC to do was lighten the load of SysAdmins. We use artificial intelligence in Vicinity to automate data, improve data protection and performance, optimize cost, and – most…

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The Data Fabric that Guarantees Business Continuity

By Andrew Flint | July 25, 2017

There is huge spectre haunting the IT community: the fear of downtime. And this fear is not unfounded, since just a few minutes of downtime can cause significant losses – in the thousands of dollars for many businesses. It’s time that the conversation moved from fear and worries to solutions.…

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I Don’t WannaCry

By Andrew Flint | July 20, 2017

Surely there were already enough challenges in the data center. Delivering all the data services to the organization while simultaneously dealing with the time, effort and costs associated with your ever-escalating capacity volumes. That should really be enough to worry about. Did we really need something else to keep us…

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