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3 Critical Business Risks of Application Downtime

By Andrew Flint | May 28, 2018

Business continuity is of the utmost importance for long-term success. The more streamlined business operations are, the more efficient employees will be at their jobs, and the more revenue can be spread around. A well-oiled machine can make efficiency a competitive advantage, but maintaining a consistent pace is easier said…

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Are You (Un)Prepared for the GDPR?

By Lori Steuart | May 22, 2018

Today we released the results of our latest survey finding out how prepared companies are for the GDPR – it turns out, they aren’t! The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR for short) is legislation that covers the processing, storage, and use of private EU citizens’ data. The catch is,…

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Ready or Not, Here Comes the GDPR

By Lori Steuart | May 15, 2018

With GDPR legislation coming into effect in just 10 days, companies all over the world are preparing their data and company policies to comply with some of the strictest data privacy and protection regulation to come out in recent years. But with such a daunting task, it can be hard…

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Multi-Site, Multi-Cloud, Multi-Faceted: How Vicinity Controls Placement of Data

By Andrew Flint | May 7, 2018

Recently we discussed how Vicinity creates a data fabric to enable data to move between storage systems, locations, and clouds. In this blog, we’ll offer more specifics on how Vicinity controls the placement of data and uses multiple sites and multiple clouds – not only for protection and availability, but…

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How Data Fabrics Give the Savvy IT Service Provider a Leg Up

By Deborah Lamb | April 30, 2018

Have you heard the term data fabric? For IT service providers, data fabrics not only solve many serious IT issues but they are a new revenue source—and one that will make your customers loyal to you because they will immediately see the advantages. For your customers, data fabrics allows them…

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Are You Ready for Ransomware? Some Common-Sense Suggestions

By Lori Steuart | April 23, 2018

Do you know the signs, exploits, or attacks that could bring down your organization’s systems? Most IT professionals feel confident in being able to recognize an attack, but your users may not know all the signs – or the ways to avoid them! So here are a few common sense…

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Kubernetes: What It Is, and Why Use ioFabric

By Andrew Flint | April 16, 2018

Kubernetes can be a helpful tool for automating the use of containers – especially if you are doing rapid development – but the storage behind it can be unreliable at best. How do you mitigate the risks of stateless container storage and still get the best performance for your top…

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Tick-Tock, the GDPR Is Coming

By Steve Lamb | April 9, 2018

You’ve already been warned: the European Union’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is coming into effect May 25. In this blog, our CEO Steven Lamb, will answer a few questions from ioFABRIC customers about what’s happening, why, and what you need to do. Q: I work for a North American…

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Data Fabrics Have Storage Covered

By Andrew Flint | April 2, 2018

Nearly 50 years ago, a trade association claimed that cotton was “the fabric of our lives”. But there’s a new fabric that is poised to become even more critical to our everyday lives – the data fabric. Data fabrics weave together disparate compute and storage resources into a single, virtualized…

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