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Is Your Zombie SAN Killing Productivity?

By Lori Steuart | November 24, 2016

Running out of storage capacity? Users are complaining about performance? Storage vendors telling you it’s time to replace it all? But you don’t have the time or the money? Are you living a storage horror story? Stop! ioFABRIC is the antidote for your Zombie SAN. Add performance, capacity, features to dying storage hardware. Inexpensive. Easy.…

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Cut the Crapex, Part 2: How Intelligent Software-Defined Storage Reduces OPEX

By Andrew Flint | November 24, 2016

One of the most common frustrations of IT departments is how much storage costs to manage and maintain. Companies are spending an inordinate amount of their budget on OPEX (operating expenses), rather than on innovation and forward-thinking initiatives. In fact, IDC reports that companies typically spend twice as much managing…

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Before and After ioFABRIC Vicinity

By Trevor Pott | November 17, 2016

As an individual and as a small business owner, I generally try to buy the cheapest storage that will do the job at any given time.  I simply don’t have the luxury to massively overbuy, run out my purchase over 3 or 5 years, and then do it all over…

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InfoStor’s 15 Leading Storage Startups

By Andrew Flint | November 8, 2016

We interrupt this program to call your attention to an excellent list by Paul Rubens for InfoStor of the “15 Leading Data Storage Startups.” “The data storage market has become a hotbed of innovation and entrepreneurship. Here are 15 data storage startups that are generating excitement…that may provide a better…

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Smart Questions About Cloud Storage

By Steve Lamb | November 2, 2016

As my colleague Andrew noted, the buzz at Dell EMC World was all about cloud and hybrid cloud solutions, which of course it was last year too, and may likely be next year. IDC recently reported that spending on cloud infrastructure, including public and private cloud, was $29 billion-with-a-B last…

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Stressed by Storage Mess?

By Lori Steuart | November 1, 2016

Have you inherited a messy data center? Does the server room look like a lego set? Is device documentation missing or was it never even there to begin with? How many unusable devices are in your hardware graveyard? You don’t need to overhaul it all. You just need ioFABRIC. Join…

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Cloud Storage: So. Many. Questions.

By Andrew Flint | October 28, 2016

At the recent Dell World – Dell EMC World, rather – nearly every exhibitor was touting cloud storage. There was one gateway vendor in particular whose signage advertised “get on the cloud in 30 minutes.” When I stopped to chat about their system, and how they could claim 30 minutes…

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Say What? All The Software-Defined Storage Jargon, Defined

By Lori Steuart | October 24, 2016

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or you’re new to the world of storage, you’ve no doubt encountered terminology, acronyms, and jargon that made your head spin. Here’s an A-Z list of the most common jargon you’ll encounter in the software-defined storage space (and yes, we’ll define that, too!), so you…

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Auto-Age Your Data to the Cloud

By Andrew Flint | October 17, 2016

It’s 2016 and we’re still talking about cloud. Because the conversation is far from over. Most businesses are using cloud storage in some way, but are you using it effectively? How do you balance what data is in the cloud versus local? How do you migrate data without application impact,…

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