Different data storage formats, including USB, hard disk, floppy, SD, etc.

A Backup, Untested, Is No Backup

Backups are key to your data’s survival, but even if you have a backup, you are still vulnerable. Some of the biggest reasons are:

  • It’s the first place ransomware encrypts when it infects your systems
  • User error can delete the files or access to them
  • Most backups aren’t complete and recoverable. They have to be tested to ensure they are bootable!

It’s not an easy situation, but there are some easier answers.

Take a look at these blogs to find out just how to remedy the problem of backups.

The Scary Truth about Backups and Data Loss

When disaster strikes, will your backup be ready? Learn the statistics on backup disasters and how to avoid them.

In IT, Don’t Be Afraid to “Trust, but Verify”

A shocking number of companies fail to test their backups (or snapshots) and see if they actually work. You may trust your backup provider, but verify that everything works as advertised.

There’s More to Backup than Backup

A recent survey found that only half of those surveyed met their recovery time objectives after a failure. Check out this blog and our risk assessment survey to make sure you are covered. Don’t leave your RTO to chance.

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