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Before and After ioFABRIC Vicinity

As an individual and as a small business owner, I generally try to buy the cheapest storage that will do the job at any given time.  I simply don’t have the luxury to massively overbuy, run out my purchase over 3 or 5 years, and then do it all over again.  The enterprise approach to…

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Evolving Beyond a Traditional Storage Gateway

Bringing together all storage into a single point of management, wherever it resides, has long been a dream for storage administrators. Many attempts have been made to make this possible, but each has in some way fallen short. Some of the problem is that previous vendors just haven’t dreamed big enough. A traditional storage gateway is…

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Data Residency Made Easy

ioFABRIC offers a solution to complex storage problems Where does your data live? For most organizations, data locality is as simple as making sure that the data is close to where it is being used. For some, data locality must also factor in geographical location and/or legal description. Regardless of the scope, data locality is…

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