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ioFABRIC Named One of the Fastest Growing Storage Companies

There has been a lot of news about consolidation in the storage industry as of late. In August, Seagate announced it would acquire array vendor Dot Hill, and later in October EMC and Dell announced their deal. Shortly after, Western Digital announced its acquisition of SanDisk that had taken over Fusion-io in 2014. Most recently,…

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Health Care Is Ahead of the Game Seeking Storage Solutions

All companies, regardless of size, can benefit with data management software, but we are seeing a huge uptake in the health care industry. Their need for quick and secure access to data, often from multiple locations, is driving adoption of ioFABRIC software. The health care industry has large amounts of data that need to be…Read More

Bon Voyage to 2016

Looking back at 2016, it’s hard not to be proud of what ioFABRIC has accomplished. Since launching GA in April last year, we have received 11 industry awards! It takes long hours and a solid team to deliver what we did in 2016. Our accolades include Start up of the Year, Most Innovative CEO, CRN Emerging…

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Smart Questions About Cloud Storage

As my colleague Andrew noted, the buzz at Dell EMC World was all about cloud and hybrid cloud solutions, which of course it was last year too, and may likely be next year. IDC recently reported that spending on cloud infrastructure, including public and private cloud, was $29 billion-with-a-B last year and will be more…

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Reading, the Deliberate Practice of Learning

Inc. Magazine recently reported on the “extreme reading habits” of some of America’s top executives, including Warren Buffett, Mark Cuban, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg. I’m glad other CEOs see the value in reading, because it’s something I enjoy too. For years I’ve been reading for up to two hours a day, seven days a…

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And the Winner Is… Steven Lamb for Most Innovative CEO!

I dusted off the tux and shined my shoes for the CEO World Awards on Monday evening. It felt like the academy awards with the red carpet, photographers, and fancy clothing—and it should because the gold trophy they bestowed upon me, for Most Innovative CEO, is made by the same company that makes the gold…

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