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Aeontech Tells Why Storage Hardware Vendors Will Hate ioFABRIC

With offices across Australia, Aeontech is the recognized leader in IT asset disposal in the country. Aeontech wipes and sanitizes over 50,000 hard drives and recycles 500,000 kg of IT equipment each year. Over 99 per cent is diverted from landfill. Enough was enough Prior to ioFABRIC, Aeontech was struggling with multiple storage challenges. Each…

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How ABM Solves Data Management Headaches with ioFABRIC

IT ransomware headache

From a humble window-washing company to now a full-service facilities management company, ABM prides itself on solving problems for its customers. But who solves problems for ABM? When data management issues came calling, ABM needed someone to turn to. Enter: ioFABRIC. Solving problems for the problem-solver Tony Gouyer, Senior Systems Engineer, Global Infrastructure Services at…

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Capacity vs Performance – How Do You Choose?

What is harder to achieve in storage – always having enough capacity for your growing data, or getting consistent performance for your applications’ needs? Some would say capacity is easy to solve these days – spinning disk is cheaper than ever, cloud storage is at your fingertips – but there’s ever-growing cost with ever-growing data,…

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How AI Helps SysAdmins

Today is SysAdmin Day, and we are celebrating the hard work of our friends and partners! One of the things we designed ioFABRIC to do was lighten the load of SysAdmins. We use artificial intelligence in Vicinity to automate data, improve data protection and performance, optimize cost, and – most of all – save you…

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Always-On Data for Cloud-Based Platforms

When your services are available to the whole globe, how do you keep your infrastructure always-available and at the peak of efficiency and performance? We talked with Shawn Winters, IT Director at Mimeo, about how he solved this problem with ioFABRIC. Before ioFABRIC Mimeo was facing several data storage related challenges: Approaching hardware refresh cycle…Read More

What Do the Experts Say about SDS?

Interest in SDS – software-defined storage – has been growing stronger over the years. Initially greeted with both high expectations and skepticism, this technology challenged the status quo of hardware vendors and SAN-based systems, and even what analysts and storage experts thought storage could be. trends.embed.renderExploreWidget("TIMESERIES", {"comparisonItem":[{"keyword":"software defined storage","geo":"","time":"today 5-y"}],"category":0,"property":""}, {"exploreQuery":"q=software%20defined%20storage","guestPath":"https://trends.google.com:443/trends/embed/"}); This is because software-defined…Read More

Quality of Service and Data Placement

We’ve often talked about Quality of Service (QoS) on this blog, from what it is to how ioFABRIC Vicinity uses it to optimize your storage and bring you better time and cost savings (learn about cutting the CrapEx with this series of blogs). It’s time to get into how ioFABRIC actually maintains this QoS, and we’ve…

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Is Your Zombie SAN Killing Productivity?

Running out of storage capacity? Users are complaining about performance? Storage vendors telling you it’s time to replace it all? But you don’t have the time or the money? Are you living a storage horror story? Stop! ioFABRIC is the antidote for your Zombie SAN. Add performance, capacity, features to dying storage hardware. Inexpensive. Easy. Risk-free. Our SAN Extender automatically…

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Stressed by Storage Mess?

Have you inherited a messy data center? Does the server room look like a lego set? Is device documentation missing or was it never even there to begin with? How many unusable devices are in your hardware graveyard? You don’t need to overhaul it all. You just need ioFABRIC. Join our webinar on November 15 and…

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