How AI Helps SysAdmins

Today is SysAdmin Day, and we are celebrating the hard work of our friends and partners!

One of the things we designed ioFABRIC to do was lighten the load of SysAdmins. We use artificial intelligence in Vicinity to automate data, improve data protection and performance, optimize cost, and – most of all – save you time.

So to all our Systems, Network, Storage, Security – IT – Admins – we’d like to thank you for being awesome by offering a free limited license of ioFABRIC. Become an ioPRO and use AI to get back your time for the things that matter – like tinkering with your lab.

Automate data placement with Vicinity’s AI

To automate data management using Vicinity’s AI, admins simply have to specify their objectives for storage: how big, how fast, and how protected they need their data to be. The infrastructure is then optimized to efficiently deliver these objectives.

Vicinity dynamically customizes the storage media uses and the data placement, based on changes to the workload demands, to ensure objectives are continually met with no manual intervention.

How our AI works

The concept of swarm intelligence is at the core of Vicinity’s AI. Broadly, swarm intelligence is the collective behavior of a swarm of independent elements, each following a simple rule, and together creating a globally intelligent whole. Think ants working hard to build their nest – each one is working on its own task, but they are following an intelligent pattern to complete their colony.

When applied to data management, this method optimizes the placement of data copies to ensure that all requirements set by admin are met, within the constraints provided by the infrastructure swarm.

Ultimately, our AI solves the problems of pooling, managing and scaling primary and secondary storage by abstracting application WANTS from infrastructure HAVES. The system can guarantee the delivery of data to applications while minimizing the cost of delivery – all automatically, without intervention from admins.

The benefits you’ll see with Vicinity’s AI 

When integrated into your system, Vicinity’s AI will not only take a lot of the heavy lifting off you, but it will provide you with a number of benefits, including:

  • Performance
    • Vicinity’s AI uses intelligent and optimized placement – not simple caching – to deliver the best performance.
    • Data is only moved if and when necessary, to achieve a specific objective.
  • Protection
    • AI identifies at-risk data, replicating and restoring it to full health whenever the need arises.
    • Not only does Vicinity’s AI take timed snapshots, but it also monitors and detects increased data change rates for interim snapshots, providing you with an extra layer of protection.
  • Capacity
    • Data container sizes can be changed in real-time, giving you true elasticity throughout your system.
    • Storage resources can be added or removed dynamically.
    • AI takes care of the details for you: there is less planning, easier implementation, and no migrations required.
  • Cost and time savings
    • No more manual tasks, chaos and expense of downtime, refactoring and migrating data, time-consuming training or maintenance tasks. AI eliminates all of these headaches, saving you time and money over the long and short term.

So that’s it! Have a great day SysAdmins. And if you like the sounds of ioFABRIC, become an ioPRO to get a free limited license for your lab.

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