Who is ioFABRIC?

We are experienced entrepreneurs with a deep history of solving urgent data security problems that other software companies do not address.

ioFABRIC is our latest award-winning venture; we protect companies from the downtime, expense and frustration caused by cyber criminals. Deploying the latest Behavior-based AI security, our customers run their operations with confidence, knowing ioFABRIC is protecting their data.

ioFABRIC Founder and Executive Team

Steven Lamb, Rayan Zachariassen and Deborah Brooks have been working together for over 25 years. Steve and Rayan were co-founders of Border Network Technologies and hired Deborah as the fourth employee. Together they built and marketed the firewall technology that soared to number two worldwide. Following the acquisition of Border, Steve and Deborah worked on several ventures including INEX Corporation and Nevex Software Inc. After successful exists from those, Rayan joined Steve to found Nevex Virtual Technologies which was acquired by Intel Corporation. The team is back together again at ioFABRIC with a new technology that addresses the rapid increase in data corruption from ransomware. ioFABRIC software ensures data is never lost even if passwords are compromised by ransomware.

Steven Lamb

Steven forged himself as a data security expert at Border Network Technologies and now with ioFABRIC, Steve again has a game-changing product in the data security arena. Steven is a successful serial entrepreneur with four previous exists. He brings a broad range of strategic positioning, management skills, and leadership experience to ioFABRIC.

Steven’s first company, Border Network Technologies, became the second largest firewall vendor worldwide. Others included INEX, Nevex Software and the most recent, NEVEX Virtual Technologies, a storage acceleration company.

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Rayan Zachariassen

Rayan Zachariassen

Rayan is an expert in AI, network architectures, and storage and security infrastructures. Rayan is the classical technology visionary and a pioneer of the Canadian Internet industry.

Founder of Uunet Canada, Rayan’s venture became Canada’s first commercial Internet Service Provider, purchased by Uunet Technologies, the world’s largest ISP.  He also co-founded Border Network Technologies and Nevex Virtual Technologies with Steven Lamb.

Deborah Brooks
VP Sales

Deborah’s expertise is positioning and promoting emerging technologies resulting in key strategic partnerships with leading vendors. She joined the team at Border Network Technologies as the fourth employee and was instrumental in building it to a leading global provider of internet firewalls. Following the success at Border, Deborah launched her own consulting practice focused on strategic marketing. She worked with over 25 technology start-ups resulting in seven successful acquisitions. Deborah came back to the vendor side with ioFABRIC as part of the founding team.

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Why ioFABRIC software?

ioFABRIC software protects your data from malicious intent so you know your backups are safe and tamper-proof. ioFABRIC provides protection from ransomware and accidental deletions.

ioFABRIC software is sold through our reseller and distribution channel. Please see our Partner page for more information on joining our team.


With awards ranging from Most Innovative Company of the Year to Product of the Year, ioFABRIC stands out as a leader.

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