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4 Tips on Extending Your SAN’s “Expiry” Date

You’ve probably heard that traditional SAN and NAS systems are getting close to their expiry date, and I’d have to agree. Storage experts agree that their effective data center value (and their market share) is being eroded on multiple fronts: hyperconverged, cloud storage, distributed systems like Hadoop and Ceph, agile software-defined storage solutions, and more.…

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Flash Memory Summit Video – How Does Flash Enable SDS?

At the Flash Memory Summit this year, our VP Marketing, Andrew Flint, talked with George Crump of Storage Switzerland about how flash enables software-defined storage – and vice versa. According to Storage Switzerland: [For years] SDS really had not taken off, it was hindered by a lack of CPU power and highly latent hard disk…

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Is Vendor Lock-in Obsolete?

One of the top promises of a software-defined storage architecture is its ability to integrate a variety of products, including generic ones. With this comes the option of avoiding previously insurmountable vendor lock-in challenges. Lock-ins are typically caused by incompatibility between the technologies your using and the ones you would otherwise want. The more sophisticated…

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Stop Waiting for Storage

Not only is latency the most important storage performance metric, but ioFABRIC Vicinity was designed to support ultra-low latency hardware, even keeping up with NVMe/PCIe response times. Forget IOPS  Storage performance is typically sold on IOPS, which isn’t the most telling factor. Even Wikipedia says IOPS are “a commonly misused and misunderstood performance measurement” for…

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Two Reasons to Attend Flash Memory Summit 2016

One of the must-attend events of the year, Flash Memory Summit, is right around the corner, and ioFABRIC is giving you two chances to hear our VP Marketing Andrew Flint speak. First, Andrew will do a live talk for technology news, commentary, and analysis site Storage Switzerland on Software-Defined Storage and flash. It’s at 1:30pm…

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How About Golf?: A Letter to the CIO Part 3

This week we posted two emails, one from a Storage Admin to his CIO, politely pointing out that their storage infrastructure was on track for failure, and the next from the CIO to his storage vendor’s CEO, asking for an explanation. In today’s final email, find out what the CEO thinks the real problem is.…

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Now I Am Worried: A Letter to the CIO Part 2

Yesterday we released an email from a Storage Admin to his CIO, very politely pointing out that their storage infrastructure is about to go down the drain. What does the CIO do next? He emails the CEO of his storage vendor, of course! Read on below, and then click here to see how the CEO responded!…

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Sh*t’s Creek: A Letter to the CIO Part 1

This week we found a set of emails between a Storage Admin, CIO, and CEO, showing some insider conversations about storage. What happens when a Storage Admin emails his CIO about storage issues? Read on to see what the Admin has to say, and click here for the CIO’s response! Full text: I am one of…

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