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It’s Not You, It’s Migration

This isn’t easy, but… we need to talk. It’s about data migration. It just isn’t working out. Data migration is messy, but it’s a business necessity. Whenever storage technologies are upgraded, whenever a new data center or office location is added, whenever a change is made, whenever there’s maintenance to do – there’s data to…

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See ioFABRIC Vicinity at the SYNNEX Sales Conference/Summit 2016

If you’re a VAR, systems integrator, or xSP in Ontario, you’re probably attending the SYNNEX Sales Conference / Summit 2016 this February 19-21 in Toronto. What a small world! So are we! We should hook up. At the event, we’ll be talking to SYNNEX partners about developing distributed storage and hyperconverged solutions based on ioFABRIC…

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Have-it-Your-Way Hyperconverged Appliances

Rising costs and complexity from maintaining a traditional infrastructure built with separate servers, storage, and virtualization is the norm for mid-size organizations. This is a prime scenario for moving to hyperconverged infrastructures, but solution providers, systems integrators, and even ISVs that serve these users must contend with some unique requirements. It’s tempting, even wise, to…

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