Announcing ioFABRIC 3.0!

Always Available. Always Evergreen. Always Protected.
A multi-site, multi-cloud Data Fabric that’s artificially intelligent & cost-optimized!

Multi-Site, Multi-Cloud Data Fabric

Solve Capacity Management
Reduce Complexity and Cost
Virtualized data management that creates a unified and evergreen Data Fabric across all storage resources.

ioFABRIC improved our storage and lowered our OPEX. We are in great shape with handling the mountains of data.

– IT Infrastructure Manager, Pharmaceuticals

Get started in minutes!


Think of all the time, effort, and money needed to manage business data that is growing at over 50% per year.

You buy more storage, creating more data silos, more management complexity, and more storage performance problems. More forklift hardware upgrades means more data migration – huge, complex, and manual efforts fraught with downtime and data loss.

Get out from under your data – with ioFABRIC!

Eliminate the fear of hardware refresh with Evergreen Storage

Eliminate the fear of ransomware with Immutable Snapshots

Eliminate the fear of restore times with always-on Business Continuity

Eliminate the fear of escalating spends with Cost-Optimized Storage

Why IT Pros Love Us

Matt Crape, vExpert

It isn’t just a matter of managing storage better, it is a very much a matter of leveraging your storage (capacity and performance) better.

Trevor Pott, vExpert

Storage used to be a thing I managed. Now it’s just a resource that I request as needed, and return to the fabric when I’m done.

Shawn Winters, IT Director

What ioFABRIC has created is essential for any company that wants to extend the life of their existing hardware, reduce costs or simply provide easy storage management.

Why the Industry Loves Us

With awards ranging from Most Innovative CEO to Most Innovative Business Application – plus being named on a number of watch-lists – we are recognized as one of the best in the industry.

[ioFABRIC] provides an elegant solution to the knotty problem of managing data across increasingly siloed storage over time.

– Jon Toigo, Virtualization Review Editor’s Choice Awards 2016

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