Never Lose Data

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Do you know if your data is safe?

COVID-19 has brought an increase in cyber attacks.

ioFABRIC ensures your data is safe, accurate and quickly recoverable.


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ioFABRIC is a Secure File Server Built to Keep Backups Safe even if Passwords are Compromised

Secure and Tamperproof Data

Snap on CloseTM technology guarantee accurate and safe data. Meet recovery objectives and compliance requirements.

After experiencing malicious data loss, Kitchen Kuttings installed ioFABRIC software to stop another attack. “I can shut down my computer and not worry. I would definitely recommend it to anybody.”
Owner, Kitchen Kuttings, retail business.

Enhanced Authorization and File Locking

Behavior-Based PrivilegesTM and file locking technology ensure data can not be maliciously altered or deleted.

“Our customers want to know their data won’t be held ransom. They want an easy to use, reliable solution that doesn’t require them to rip and replace existing software. ioFABRIC solves the data security problem we all have with ransomware,”
Frank Kuschmierz, CEO Xenium IT Corp

Proactive Security with Machine Learning

AI and machine learning technology alert and restrict all bad behavior to keep data safe.

“The smart folks at ioFABRIC secure your backups using machine reasoning technology.”
Marc Staimer, Industry Analyst and President at Dragon Slayer Consulting


Learn Two Outdated Security Approaches that Leave Data Vulnerable to Attack


“We keep your data secure even if all your passwords have been compromised!”

Steve Lamb, Co-Founder and CEO of ioFABRIC

“The smart folks at ioFABRIC secure your backups using machine reasoning technology.”

Marc Staimer, Industry Analyst and President at Dragon Slayer Consulting

“Our data is secured from human error, environmental disasters, and any criminal intent with protection and detection features. I can sleep at night.”

Owner, retail business 

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Using a combination of machine learning and an expert system, ioFABRIC analyzes file system activity to prevent bad behavior. ioFABRIC stops ransomware and cyber-attacks from destroying your backups even if passwords are compromised.

By 2021, cybercrime is predicted to cause $6 trillion in damages globally.

A new variant of ransomware is created every 18 seconds.

A ransomware attack occurs every 14 seconds.

ioFABRIC Behavior-Based AI

Working in conjunction with your existing backup system, ioFABRIC replaces the existing NAS with a secure NAS. This additional layer of security prevents encryption or deletion of your data. As your backup system writes files into the ioFABRIC appliance (virtual or physical), they are immediately snapped, become immutable, and retention locked. ioFABRIC’s Behavior-Based technologies ensures you Never Lose Data.

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