Never Lose Data

ioFABRIC software is a secure backup target that is safer than an air gap: never lose data and never pay a ransom

ioFABRIC software tamper-proofs your backups guaranteeing you will not be held hostage by cyber criminals—your data is always safe.

ioFABRIC’s secure backup target includes:

Activity-Based Monitoring, Alerting and Management
Activity-Based File Locking
Activity-Based Snapshots
Optional Offline Replication of Snapshots
Hardened Security
Works with all backup software

Find out why current approaches to securing backups are leaving your data vulnerable

ioFABRIC Webinar

Learn how to avoid regulatory fines and ransomware payouts

Join industry expert Marc Staimer and ioFABRIC for an in-depth webinar to keep you compliant and immune to ransomware payouts.


“Backups are the last line of defence from ransomware and they know it. That’s why they’re attacking our backups. ioFABRIC software makes those attacks pointless and protects our last line of defence.”

ioFABRIC customer

“We can’t blame your backup company when ransomware attacks the files. The job of the backups company is to make an accurate copy of your computer and restore it when you need it restored. Hackers don’t get paid when you can easily recover from a ransomware attack. So now they also need to destroy your backups. Ransomware is an urgent and massive problem.”

Steve Lamb, Co-Founder and CEO of ioFABRIC

“A new ransomware variant is created every 18 seconds and 1.5 million phishing sites are created every month. You are the target and you need to protect your backup files. Current methods of securing backups don’t work well enough—or we would not be hearing about companies and governments being shut down and making ransomware payouts.”

Steve Lamb, Co-Founder and CEO of ioFABRIC

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