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Transform Your Storage | Transform Your Business

With businesses demanding more agility to grow and stay ahead, IT has become a decision-maker, and storage must evolve to support business direction.

Our range of solutions empowers your storage infrastructure to adapt and reach new levels of service, providing agility to already existing systems and extending with new media.

Experience the Benefits


Immediate ROI

Significantly reduce storage OPEX while enabling cost-efficient growth

Time for Innovation

Eliminate admin demands and free IT’s time to focus on true business innovation

Simplify Storage

Manage and orchestrate data across your entire infrastructure, all through one easy interface

What Is Software-Defined Storage 2.0?

Learn about SDS with our Learn, Explore, and Deploy educational program!

In this program, you’ll learn the secrets behind SDS, with focused white papers and videos to give you the know-how to assess the right SDS product for you.

You’ll then move on to learning how Vicinity’s intelligent SDS automation benefits your business – with a hands-on demonstration-level download of the product!

After that, or if you already want to get yours hands on it, you can download the full trial of Vicinity and see how quality of service-driven storage can transform your storage – and your business!


Learn about SDS


Explore Vicinity


Deploy the Trial


ioFABRIC Vicinity’s storage platform features next-generation technology to give your infrastructure the agility it needs


Quality of Service

Industry-unique QoS automation enforces real-time performance over various workloads



Automate your entire storage infrastructure to drive efficiency, save time, and lower OPEX


Extend Existing Storage

Easily add new media – increase utilization for capacity, optimize usage for performance


Each of Vicinity’s solutions brings different strengths to the table
Find out which one is the right solution for you


SAN Extender

Extend the life of your SAN. More performance and more capacity, simply and within budget.

Hybrid Cloud Storage

Cloud-like economics across all your storage. No downtime. No delays. No manual provisioning or data migration.

Server SAN

Intelligent software that transforms commodity hardware into a distributed, enterprise-class storage platform.

Want More?


Want to Dive Deeper?

Dive into the inner workings of Vicinity and see how our technology transforms your storage


Looking for Info?

Our Resources library has videos, webinars, white papers, and more to satisfy your technical side

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