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Toronto, Canada, August 17, 2015 – ioFABRIC Inc. has won Most Innovative Enterprise Business Application at the annual Flash Memory Summit for its new product, ioFABRIC Vicinity, a flash-optimized, software-defined storage solution that delivers agility and ongoing cost savings across a multivendor data center. Vicinity features advanced storage automation that unifies existing storage resources, centralizes storage management, simplifies the deployment of flash, and improves storage utilization – delivering application-specific Quality of Service levels.

Flash Memory Summit, held August 11-13 in Santa Clara, is attended by companies and people creating the next generation of hardware and software for consumer, computer and enterprise markets. The conference explores the latest developments in flash memory, market trends, and new applications for non-volatile memory.

“It is an honor to be recognized by the Awards Committee for our commitment to innovation and leadership within the field,” said Steven Lamb, CEO and Co-founder of ioFABRIC. “Vicinity solves three of the biggest IT infrastructure problems facing businesses today, which are effective use of flash, dealing with data growth, and managing disparate storage devices/systems across the enterprise. Our industry-unique Vicinity QoS-based storage automation unifies existing and new storage investments to create a dynamic platform that delivers Storage-as-a-Service across business, including all flash enterprise resources.”

“Storage administrators are seeking Quality of Service (QoS) coupled with a software defined storage architecture that delivers flexibility and choice in their storage hardware systems combined with storage management,” said Jay Kramer, Chairman of the Awards Program and President of Network Storage Advisors Inc.  “We are proud to select ioFABRIC for the Best of Show Award as it provides a unique QoS based storage management software solution that simultaneously serves converged, hyper-converged, and SAN storage requirements.”

ioFABRIC Vicinity is innovative both in its technology and in the business benefits of its technology:
  • ioFABRIC Vicinity provides storage administrators with dynamic QoS-based control which are automatically maintained as infrastructure and workload conditions change.
  • ioFABRIC Vicinity allows applications to immediately benefit from flash investments without manual migration, provisioning effort, or application changes.
  • ioFABRIC Vicinity dynamically balances data on storage resources according to current needs, maximizing the economic efficiency of storage investments.
  • ioFABRIC Vicinity is a single solution that simultaneously serves converged, hyper-converged, and SAN storage requirements.

ioFABRIC Vicinity centrally manages and monitors data placed across diverse resources including flash arrays, direct-attached devices, SAN/NAS, and Cloud. The business value of ioFABRIC Vicinity is derived from intelligent Quality-of-Service algorithms that constantly monitor and optimize data placement over all available resources to automatically fulfill application requirements for data capacity, performance and protection.

About ioFABRIC
ioFABRIC Inc. was founded in 2013 with an executive team that has worked together for more than twenty years over four successful startup technology companies. ioFABRIC Vicinity is a distinctive Software-Defined Storage Solution that utilizes QoS-based automation to provide  a dynamic platform that delivers Storage-as-a-Service across any storage. Vicinity will be sold through ioFABRIC’s reseller and distribution channel on a price-for-capacity basis as an annual software subscription. The company is funded by private investors and Real Ventures. For more information, a free trial of Vicinity, or partnership opportunities, visit

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