Docker Microconverged

Storage Designed with Docker in Mind

A ready-to-deploy microconverged system that delivers preferred access to the fastest storage for high-priority Docker apps

ioFABRIC Vicinity Docker Microconverged

Storage that supports Docker’s ability to quickly and easily build, ship, and run distributed apps anywhere. ioFABRIC Vicinity connects Docker to your existing storage systems and media, providing dynamic storage volumes to Docker containers.


Storage Designed for Docker

Unlike traditional storage vendors, ioFABRIC Vicinity is designed for the specific needs of containerized storage; light, agile, and scalable. Persistent, resilient, shared storage with enterprise features like replication, snapshots, and data protection all ensured. Vicinity allows a container and its storage resources to be deployed and provisioned at the same time, as well as persisted and scheduled fluidly across local machines and clouds.


Innovate with DevOps Integration

ioFABRIC Vicinity is an open, extensible storage platform that integrates seamlessly into your DevOps environment through a RESTful API. Quickly implement low cost, low effort microservices with full scripting capabilities that handle provisioning, monitoring, analytics, and configuration for container storage. Docker with Vicinity integrates seamlessly in your DevOps environment and gives the operational staff the agility to manage and scale microservices in the data center.


Read-to-Deploy Microconvergence

ioFABRIC Vicinity is a ready-to-deploy microconverged storage system, providing dynamic storage volumes to Docker containers. Quickly deployable and persistent Vicinity data containers accelerate and simplify the deployment of microservices. For a given containerized app Docker simply says how big, how fast, and how protected the storage volume needs to be and Vicinity will deliver, automatically.


Achieve Application-Level QoS

Delivers preferred access to the fastest storage for high-priority Docker apps. Industry-unique QoS-driven storage maintains service levels across performance, capacity, and data protection. ioFABRIC Vicinity automatically shares resources for multiple containers for efficiency and scalability, monitoring and adapting in real-time as demands and workloads change.


Integrate with Existing Storage

ioFABRIC Vicinity connects Docker to your existing storage systems and media. Persistent, resilient, shared storage that is available anywhere that the container started. Grow capacity with commodity x86 servers and cloud storage, and significantly reduce IT management time by unifying storage management across new and legacy storage for both Docker microservices and existing applications.

Demo Docker Microconverged

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Find out how ioFABRIC Vicinity helps you transform your storage.

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